Bookbinding and Paper Making

I have, for many years, wondered if people could make their own books and thought, overall, it was only the professional who did so. You know, like publishers and the bulk manufacturers of blank journals, photo albums and the like. With the advent of the internet, though, that has changed my opinion and I now know there are many avid bookmakers out there who do this for fun! And, there are tutorials online and information of all kinds to help the beginner make beautiful books right from the get-go!

Yet, making my first couple books brought me face to face with my desire to make my own paper. I had ventured into researching such a thing once and found it just too difficult what with preparing plants and rotting them (known as retting). Again with the advent of the internet, I learned paper making is not difficult and retting is a whole lot easier than I had feared! There is an abundance of information out there now to help the beginner with practically no knowledge pull respectable sheets of paper!

This is a chronicle of my experiences and the information I gather! I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.


Paper Making - This link takes you to Papermaking Yahoogroup

Bookbinding and Papermaking Links - Tutorials and glossaries and lotsa info, especially for folk just learning!

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