Papermakers Western Gathering 2004
Personal experiences

Susan: Remember I told you how great it was for me to be with you, people who share my interest in papermaking and creating?  Almost everyone, my relatives included, who has asked me why I went to Oregon gives me a blank stare when I say I attended a papermaking workshop.

Well, thanks for being my friends, just wanted to share!

Kathy in WA: Like everyone at this gathering, it was awesome to have both a Critter and a Cherub from Mark. They melded together so nicely. Mark, you have a wonderful "thing" in your equipment. Know that the first Western Gathering has a soft spot in our hearts for you!

Liz: the guest at the Wonderful Western Gathering, I wanted   to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome and for sharing so  much fantastic information. I really have to thank Kathy for  inviting me. I haven't stopped talking about the great women I met, or stopped showing the paper I made or the marbled paper, and I'm  hoping there will be another such gathering next year OR sooner!

The same evening that we got home I was on the Internet searching   for supply sources and made two orders that night. Then I went  looking for this group. I'm sure I'll be able to get more inspiration, resources and knowledge here.  I can't begin to thank everyone who shared so much information and materials. You did a terrific job of setting it all up.

kozosharon001a.jpg (16939 bytes)Sunni: I topped off my magickal weekend with fellow papermakers by stopping in Grants Pass, Oregon to share the happenings with Sharon Webb. She was ubable to make this gathering and I so wanted to meet her. My visit was the icing on the cake! She would've fit in so seamlessly with everyone else! Next year!! I told her to put May Day on her calendar.

The picture to the right is her "Studio O."



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