Papermakers Western Gathering 2004

 Learning, cutting and pasting our books.    

Facing you: Lisa demonstrating bookmaking, Kristy and Liz.

Backs: Jan and Chris

Discussing differences and techniques.

L to R: Jan, Kathy, Nancy, Karen (our hostess), Julie, Lisa and Kristy.

Delightful commaraderie while building our books. COPYRIGHT 2004 - CHRIS BALLINGER

Going from L to R

1st pic: Nancy, Chris (from backside), Karen, Julie, Lisa, and Kristy.

2nd pic: Julie, Sunni, Lisa, Kristy

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Sunday packing up (leisurely) to go. L to R

Pic on left: Chris, Nancy and Jan

Pic on right: Chris, Nancy, Kathy and Jan

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Julie and Karen visiting while Julie is packing up.

Ronetta's amazing pocket sculptures. Closeup of Ronetta's pockets.

Ronetta's ingenious pocket sculptures.

Another pocket... A different pocket.

More of Ronetta's work.

A magnificent pocket. pprgathrg001zzy.jpg (7384 bytes)

A couple more pieces by Ronetta.

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