Papermakers Western Gathering 2004

 Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst Copyright 2004, Jan Moulder Copyright 2004, Jan Moulder COPYRIGHT 2004 - CHRIS BALLINGER Julie's two-pound Critter happily munching away. The third picture is the roller and bedplate that does all the work. Mark Lander - you're a godsend. Thank you for these portable Hollanders!
  Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst Copyright 2004, Jan Moulder 1st pic - L to R: Julie, Lisa, Susan, Kristy. Julie is feeding fiber, Kristy is assisting the Critter's munching while the other two investigate.

2nd pic - Susan futzing with the hemp in the Critter and Cherub while Ronetta (bottom left corner) scissors the strands into munchable sizes.

Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst  L to R: Julie, Kristy and Lisa with Susan on the deck.

Pulps: Cedar bark, abaca with Russian thistle seeds, curly dock, white hickory, common red sage,  hemp, canary reed grass, chinese grass mats (unknown fiber), and, hopefully, someone will tell me what other fibers we played with.

 Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst L to R: Kristy and Julie.
 Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst L to R: Lisa, Ronetta, Chris and Susan.
pprgathrg001zzu.jpg (7885 bytes) pprgathrg001zzw.jpg (7994 bytes) Ronetta thoroughly enloying ironing!
Paper pullin' mommas. L to R: Susan, Kathy, Ronetta and Nancy.
Serious couching! Near to far: Susan, Lisa and Ronetta.
Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst Susan pulling and couching.
Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst Copyright 2004, Jan Moulder The wonderful press Julie brought. She borrowed it from list member Jane Dolan. Jane's talented hubby, Kent, built it for her. Ain't it a beaut?
Paper drying on couching felts. Hammock nie paper dryer. One of our drying areas.

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