Papermakers Western Gathering 2004

Copyright 2004, Jan Moulder

Here we are!! Going from left to right:

Back row - Kristy, Susan, Lisa, Ronetta, Chris (kneeling), Julie, Liz, Sunni.

Front row - Alina, Jan, Karen (our hostess), Kathy, Nancy.

Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst  Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst

Friday morning Jan Moulder builds a lamp and explains how she does it.

Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst

Kathy Metz-Carson observes carefully.

Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst

Susan Ernst looks on.

Liz and the lamp.

Liz Etheridge resting by the drying lamp.


This is a branch of madrone being stripped. The red peeled back is the bark, the green peeled back is the bast and the branch in the middle is the pith.

Bast demo - Cris tried to show why Madrone was not a good candidate and to her total surprise she peeled the entire limb easily. Lisa was excited to get the red bark to use as an inclusion. The rest of the group knowingly nodded and explained to have to "harvest it in the spring when the sap is running". The group peeled the madrone in minutes, including one whole piece the basket makers where "ohhing and awwing" about.

Excitedly Cris harvested more at home, stripped it and cooked it. The creamy bast, however, turned bright red and does not seem to contain any fibers ;' ^(

Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst

Here we are applying alum to the surface of the paper we will be marbling with. The alum helps to adhere the color to the paper. Nancy is discussing marbling over printed paper with Julie.

Copyright 2004, Jan Moulder Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst Copyright 2004, Alina Ernst

Lisa is demonstrating how to marble paper. We laid our creations out in the sun on the deck to dry.

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