Papermakers Western Gathering 2004

Front view of the Studio over the garage. Stairs going up to the gallery. The gallery as seen from the front porch.

This is the studio on top of the two-car garage. Karen had the stairs and front of the building lit with strings of holiday lights.

patchwork panorama of the interior of the studio.

The interior of the studio was classy, well lighted, warm and airy. This is where everyone put the books and previously finished items for show and tell.

Welcoming peacock on the fence along the driveway. Copyright 2004 - Jan Moulder

One of the delights is a very noisy and beautiful flock of peacocks and peahens. When Jan arrived with a chrome "mirror" on her car, one of the peacocks quickly developed a love/hate relationship.

Peacock perched on the roof where he can safely observe the activities while "hiding." Peacock on display.

The males displayed for us frequently and their varied calls were interesting counterpoints to the feminine chatter and laughter.

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Peacocks and hens enjoying a snack.

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