Papermakers Western Gathering 2004

Alsea Bay Bridge

Pulling into Waldport from the south on the Coast Highway 101, the view of the Alsea Bay Bridge is quite lovely. At night, it's stunning.

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The Oregon coast varies from broad expanses of sand beaches to rugged cliffs and rocks. Around each curve is a vista to delight the eye. Thank goodness the locals are used to people creeping so they can marvel at the view!

Entry to Karen's Retreat The unique marker at the entry to Karen's retreat. The road leading out of Time.

This is the entrance onto Karen's retreat on N. Bayview Road.

A view of the rich lushness along the driveway. Another view of the property from the driveway.

The driveway seems to go forever and winds back and forth through rich greenery. As you go further, you begin to realize you are stepping out of realtime.

A view of the house from the entry yard Part of the front porch on the main house.

This is the main house where we congregated.

The length of the front porch on the main house. View from the front porch out into the entry yard.

This is the deck before we overran it.

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