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dandelionflwr001u.jpg (8778 bytes)August 26, 2004. I visited the Winema Office Complex today and what should I behold but a lawn filled with blooming dandelions with nice LONG stems!! I could hardly wait to finish with business and harvest them!!! dandelion-mixt.jpg (14444 bytes)I was not careful during my harvest so I have some grass and leaves included with the stems that host flowers, blow balls and just the seed base. I figured, since the entire dandelion plant from root to tip can be made into paper and grass, which is so blinking easy to process, I had a perfect combination for an interesting an attractive paper. I placed the collection in my truck and conveniently forgot them.

August 27, 2004. I brought the dandelions into the house and in just that short 24 hour period all the yellow flowers I had gleaned had gone into the first stage of blow balls. wahhh. Oh well. Guess there will be no flower petals this time around.

dandelion-pott.jpg (7666 bytes)I dropped a couple handsful of the stems and whatnot into a pot and filled it with water. Since this is a friendly fiber, I didn't bother to cut them up. Our water is alkaline and dandelion, like grass, is a no brainer to process so I skipped adding any washing soda. dandelion-cookedt.jpg (10140 bytes)Within ten minutes the dandelions had sunk below the surface of the water and in just 40 minutes the plants passed the finger test where I grip each end of a piece of the plant with my index finger and thumb and pull gently, but firmly across the grain to see if it breaks. I rinsed the plants in cold water, stuffed them into a ziplock baggie and tossed them into the refrigerator. I will process the fiber into pulp another day.

Since I did not use any washing soda the resulting tea from cooking the plants was a very weak yellow brown dye. During the cooking process, the smell of cooking spinach wafted through the house and I had to remind the family this pot was not for consumption!

September 15, 2004 - I had the dandelion stored in a plastic bag and placed in the tub in Studio I. I did not refrigerate it as our house remains quite cool. Bad decision. It was rotten to the core and, even if it was redeemable, my nose couldn't handle it. My gag factor kicked in with a vengeance from the smell so the dandelions went into the compost bin. *sigh* Next time I'll dry them to store them, even if it is just for a few days. I will have to do this next year as all the dandelions in the area are retreating for their winter rest.

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