Welcome to my journal of the third annual Gathering for the West Coast, USA members of the Papermaking Yahoo Group. The first and second Gatherings were held in Waldport, Oregon at the AlSeaGardens. This year we enjoyed our event at the beautiful home of Julie and Ben Johnson in Portland, Oregon.

I pulled into Julie's yard a day late and everyone was already up to their elbows in pulp. Paper pulling was in full swing. Beth and Paul had spent a busy year gathering, beating and freezing many plants gleaned from around the Portland area. Other members also brought twigs, plants and pulps to play with as well. Potluck was planned so the visiting members took turns cooking dinner for the group plus there was the "grazing table" filled with delightful things to nosh on.

There were a few folks missing from the previous Gatherings and a few new faces. Attendees: me - Sunni Bergeron, our hosts - Julie and Ben Johnson, Beth and Paul, Jean Sinclair, Kristy Bellavita, Lisa and Laura Harkins, Cris Ballinger, Carolyn Burton, and a couple other folks whose names I'll list when I get them.

I did a bunch of schmoozing, picture taking, puttering and then spent just one day pulling paper. Since I'm a Picasso-kinda-gal, I eschew molds and deckles for a scrap of mesh, pull my paper quickly and unevenly and press several dips on top of one another to form one sheet of paper. I don't always use the same pulp from layer to layer on a piece of paper, either. I love the feathery, irregular edges and the beauty of the unpredictable. I also dry my paper draped in the sun atop plants or reasonably flat surfaces (rusty things are really great for an unusual effect) because the cockling (warping) is a visual delight. So I pulled a nice thick stack of papers from several vats, not keeping track of what I was adding to what. I was more interested in playing while several of the others kept outstanding notes and comparisons of the divvers papers pulled.

On the following pages you will find over 200 pictures of the festivities. Each page will be graphics heavy, so dial up viewers will have a bit of a wait.

Enjoy your visit!

Copyright 2006 Colleen D Bergeron
Updated Dec 10 2006