These flowers I haven't been able to identify yet. If you know the names of any of them, please email me: webmistress AT sunnibergeron DOT com.

I offer all my flower photography copyright free. You are welcome to glean them and use them as you please. A link back here is appreciated, but not necessary.

010 - Found: I don't remember where I found these.

Photographed in late June

Physcia aipolia
"Gray-eyed rosette"?
Cladonia macilenta Hoffm. - Cup Lichen?
Cladonia fimbriata syn c.major?
Cladonia carneola
Cladonia deformis
Cladonia grayi
Cladonia pleurota
Cladonia subsquamosa
Cladonia asahinae
Cladonia chlorophaea Common on rocks, on forest floor, and most soil types, and on rotting wood; commonly found within mosses. *smile* They remind me of Dr Seuss stories.
C. fimbriata is taller and more trombone shaped; C. pyxidata lacks soredia; C. deformis has more 'ruffled' cup edges and has red apothecia; and C. carneola has tan or pale brown apothecia and is a much yellower-green then the yellow-green of C. chlorophaea.


011 - Found: These spikes sticking up from the log are most cool. They're about three inches long. I'm not real sure if they are independent of the moss they are growing out of or are a part of it. If you happen to know, email me please?

Cladonia maxima, Cladonia rei, Cladonia subulata. Cladonia verruculosa,


012 - Found: Mt Erie

Cladina portentosa subsp. pacifica? Yellow-green lichen (Cladonia mitis)? Cladonia arbuscula subsp. mitis? Cladonia furcata, Cladonia leporina, Cladonia pachycladodes, Cladonia perforata, Cladonia rangiferina, Cladonia submitis, Cladonia subtenuis, Cladonia uncialis,


013 - Found: Don't remember where I found them.

More than one kind of moss and/or lichen


014 - Found: Home woods.

Plume moss, Dendroalsia abietina / Bestia longipes, Hypnum subimponens / Big shaggy moss (Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus)? / Climacium, / Thuidium, / Bryales, / Hylocomiaceae, FIRST CHOICE: Kindbergia? Or possibly Thuidium delicatulum. Gametophyte of the pleurocarpous fern moss. Family: Leucodontaceae =Cryphaeaceae / Eurhynchium oreganum


015 - Found: Our woods

Atrichum selwynii., Funaria hygrometrica, Mnium hornum,


016 - Found: Home woods

Annomodon atenuatus Pipe Cleaner moss-Rhytidiopsis robusta? Plagiothecium undulatum snake moss, tongue moss? Looking at the "flowers" I wonder if this is another type of sphagnum.


017 Found: Meadow on Crosby by John Whidbey dog park

Photographed mid-March


018 - Found: Golf Road between Officer Housing and the gate entry


019 - Found: Bowman Bay dock

Photographed April 14

These plants are attached directly onto the wood of the float.







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