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= Poisonous to animal and/or human
= Crop weed in Washington
= Native to Washington
= Noxious or invasive in Washington
= Endangered in Washington
= Federal noxious weed in Washington
= Quarantine! Mandatory immediate destruction

Washington State Natives S - Z

My sources for all the plants on my Washington Natives list are:

  1. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
  2. UW Herbarium at the Burke
  3. Garden Guide
  4. Washington Native Plant Society
  5. USDA Plants Database

- These can be found on Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands

  • Talinum sediforme syn Talinum okanoganense - Okanogan fameflower
  • Talinum spinescens - spiny fameflower, spinescent fameflower
  • Tanacetum camphoratum syn Tanacetum douglasii - Camphor tansy, dune tansy
  • Taraxacum lyratum syn Taraxacum kamtschaticum, Taraxacum scopulorum, Taraxacum sibiricum - Harp dandelion
  • Tauschia stricklandii syn Hesperogenia stricklandii - Strickland's umbrella-wort, Strickland's tauschia
  • Taxus brevifolia - Pacific yew, Western yew
  • Tellima grandiflora syn Tellima odorata, Tellima breviflora - Bigflower tellima Fragrant fringecup, Fringecup
  • Tetradymia canescens syn Tetradymia canescens var. inermis - Spineless horsebrush, gray horsebrush
  • Teucrium canadense - American germander, Canada germander, Candad germander, Germander, Hairy germander, Wood sage
  • Thalictrum dasycarpum syn Thalictrum dasycarpum var. hypoglaucum, Thalictrum hypoglaucum - Meadow rue, Purple meadow-rue, Tall meadow-rue
  • Thalictrum occidentale - Western meadow-rue
  • Thalictrum venulosum syn Thalictrum confine, Thalictrum confine var. columbianum, Thalictrum confine var. greeneanum, Thalictrum occidentale var. columbianum, Thalictrum turneri, Thalictrum venulosum var. confine, Thalictrum venulosum var. fissum, Thalictrum venulosum var. lunellii, Thalictrum venulosum var. turneri - Veiny meadow-rue, Boundary meadow-rue
  • Thelypodium laciniatum syn Thelypodium laciniatum var. laciniatum, Thelypodium laciniatum var. streptanthoides, Thelypodium streptanthoides - cut-leaf thelypody, thick-leaved thelypody
  • Thelypodium milleflorum syn Thelypodium laciniatum var. milleflorum - Manyflower Thelypody
  • Thelypteris nevadensis syn Dryopteris nevadensis, Dryopteris oregana, Lastrea oregana - Sierra marsh fern
  • Thelypteris quelpaertensis syn Dryopteris oreopteris, Lastrea limbosperma, Oreopteris limbosperma, Oreopteris quelpaertensis, Polypodium limbospermum, Thelypteris limbosperma - queen's-veil maiden fern, mountain fern
  • Thermopsis gracilis - slender golden-banner, mountain thermopsis
  • Thermopsis montana - Buckbean, Golden pea, Montane golden-banner, Mountain goldenbanner, Hitchcock's thermopsis
  • Thlaspi montanum - Mountain Pennycress, alpine pennycress, wild candytuft
  • Thuja plicata - Western arborvitae, Western red cedar, canoe cedar
  • Thysanocarpus curvipes syn Thysanocarpus amplectens, Thysanocarpus curvipes var. elegans, Thysanocarpus curvipes var. eradiatus, Thysanocarpus curvipes var. longistylus, Thysanocarpus elegans - Sand fringepod, lacepod
  • Tiarella trifoliata - Threeleaf foamflower, Western Foamflower, Coolwort, Foamflower, False Mitrewort, Laceflower
  • Tolmiea menziesii syn Tiarella menziesii - Piggyback-plant, Thousand mothers, Youth on age
  • Tonella floribunda - manyflower tonella, greater baby-innocence, large-flowered tonella
  • Tonella tenella - small-flowered tonella, lesser baby-innocence
  • Tonestus lyallii syn Haplopappus lyallii - Lyall's goldenweed, Lyall's serpentweed
  • Torreyochloa pallida - Pale false mannagrass, weak alkaligrass
  • Townsendia florifera
    syn Townsendia florifer,Townsendia florifera var. watsonii - showy Townsend daisy
  • Toxicodendron diversilobum syn Rhus diversiloba, Toxicodendron radicans ssp. diversilobum - Pacific poison oak, Western Poison Oak
  • Toxicodendron rydbergii syn Rhus radicans, Rhus radicans var. rydbergii, Rhus radicans var. vulgaris, Rhus toxicodendron var. vulgaris, Toxicodendron desertorum, Toxicodendron radicans var. rydbergii - Western poison ivy
  • Tragopogon mirus - remarkable salsify, remarkable goatsbeard
  • Trautvetteria caroliniensis - Carolina bugbane, False bugbane, wild bugbane
  • Triantha occidentalis - sticky asphodel, sticky tofieldia
  • Trichophorum caespitosum syn Baeothryon caespitosum, Baeothryon cespitosum, Scirpus caespitosus, Scirpus caespitosus var. austriacus, Scirpus caespitosus var. callosus, Scirpus caespitosus var. delicatulus, Scirpus cespitosus, Scirpus cespitosus var. austriacus, Scirpus cespitosus var. callosus, Scirpus cespitosus var. delicatulus, Trichophorum caespitosum var. callosum, Trichophorum cespitosum - Tufted bulrush, deer's hair sedge, tufted club-rush
  • Trientalis borealis - Starflower, Western Starflower
  • Trientalis borealis ssp. latifolia syn Trientalis europaea var. latifolia, Trientalis latifolia - Broad-leaved Starflower, Western Starflower, Indian Potato
  • Trientalis europaea - arctic starflower, northern starflower
  • Trifolium cyathiferum - cup clover, bowl clover
  • Trifolium eriocephalum - woolly-head clover
  • Trifolium fucatum syn Trifolium flavulum, Trifolium fucatum var. gambelii, Trifolium fucatum var. virescens, Trifolium gambelii - Bull clover
  • Trifolium macrocephalum - Big-head Clover, Largehead clover
  • Trifolium longipes - long-stalked clover
  • Trifolium macrocephalum syn Lupinaster macrocephalus, Trifolium macrocephalum var. caeruleomontanum - large-head clover, big-head clover
  • Trifolium microcephalum - Woolly clover, small-head clover
  • Trifolium microdon syn Trifolium microdon var. pilosum - thimble clover, Valparaiso clover
  • Trifolium oliganthum syn Trifolium pauciflorum, Trifolium variegatum var. pauciflorum - few-flowerered clover
  • Trifolium thompsonii - Thompson's clover
  • Trifolium variegatum syn Trifolium appendiculatum, Trifolium geminiflorum , Trifolium melananthum, Trifolium polyodon, Trifolium trilobatum, Trifolium variegatum var. major, Trifolium variegatum var. melananthum, Trifolium variegatum var. rostratum, Trifolium variegatum var. trilobatum - white-tip clover
  • Trifolium willdenowii syn Trifolium tridentatum, Trifolium tridentatum var. aciculare, Trifolium willdenovii - Tomcat clover, springbank clover
  • Trifolium wormskioldii syn Lupinaster wormskioldii, Trifolium fendleri, Trifolium fimbriatum, Trifolium heterodon, Trifolium involucratum var. fendleri, Trifolium involucratum var. fimbriatum, Trifolium involucratum var. heterodon, Trifolium involucratum var. kennedianum, Trifolium kennedianum, Trifolium spinulosum, Trifolium willdenowii var. fimbriatum, Trifolium willdenowii var. kennedianum, Trifolium wormskioldii var. fimbriatum, Trifolium wormskioldii var. kennedianum, Trifolium wormskjoldii - Cow Clover, salt marsh clover
  • Triglochin maritima syn Triglochin concinna var. debilis, Triglochin debilis, Triglochin elata, Triglochin maritima var. elata, Triglochin maritimum - Seaside arrowgrass
  • Triglochin palustris syn Triglochin palustre - Marsh arrowgrass, arrow-grass, small arrowgrass
  • Trillium chloropetalum - giant trillium, Giant wakerobin, Wake robin
  • Trillium ovatum - Coast trillium, Pacific trillium, Western wakerobin, wakerobin
  • Trillium parviflorum - smallflower trillium, small-flowered wakerobin
  • Trillium petiolatum - purple trillium, Idaho trillium, purple wakerobin
  • Triodanis perfoliata syn Legousia perfoliata, Specularia perfoliata - Clasping Venus' looking-glass, clasping-leaf venus'-looking-glass
  • Triphysaria pusilla syn Orthocarpus pusillus, Orthocarpus pusillus var. densiuscuus - Dwarf owl-clover
  • Trisetum canescens syn Trisetum cernuum, Trisetum cernuum ssp. canescens, Trisetum cernuum var. canescens, Trisetum cernuum var. projectum, Trisetum spicatum var. projectum - Tall trisetum
  • Triteleia grandiflora - Large-flower Tritelia, Douglas' brodiaea
  • Triteleia grandiflora var. howellii syn Brodiaea douglasii var. howellii, Brodiaea howellii, Triteleia bicolor, Triteleia howellii - Howell's triteleia
  • Triteleia hyacinthina syn Brodiaea dissimulata, Brodiaea hyacinthina, Brodiaea hyacinthina var. lactea, Hesperoscordum hyacinthinum - white triteleia, white brodiaea, fool's-onion
  • Trollius laxus - American globeflower, western globeflower
  • Tsuga heterophylla - Western hemlock, Pacific hemlock, lowland hemlock
  • Tsuga mertensiana - Mountain hemlock, black hemlock
  • Typha latifolia - Broadleaf cattail, Common cat-tail
  • Urtica dioica - Stinging nettle NOTE: ssp. gracilis, holosericea are native; ssp. dioica is introduced
  • Utricularia gibba syn Utricularia biflora, Utricularia fibrosa, Utricularia obtusa, Utricularia pumila - Bladderwort, Conespur bladderpod, Humped bladderwort, swollen-spurred bladderwort
  • Utricularia intermedia - Flatleaf bladderwort, mountain bladderwort
  • Utricularia macrorhiza syn Utricularia vulgaris, Utricularia vulgaris ssp. macrorhiza, Utricularia vulgaris var. americana - Common bladderwort, greater bladderwort
  • Utricularia minor - Lesser bladderwort
  • Utricularia ochroleuca syn Utricularia occidentalis - Yellowishwhite bladderwort
  • Vaccinium alaskaense syn Vaccinium alaskense Vaccinium ovalifolium - Alaska blueberry, Oval-leaf blueberry, Alaska blueberry
  • Vaccinium caespitosum - Dwarf bilberry, Dwarf blueberry, Dwarf huckleberry
  • Vaccinium deliciosum - Cascade blueberry, blueleaf huckleberry, Cascade bilberry, rainier blueberry
  • Vaccinium membranaceum syn Vaccinium coccineum, Vaccinium globulare, Vaccinium membranaceum var. rigidum - Mountain huckleberry, Square-twig blueberry, Thinleaf huckleberry, tall huckleberry
  • Vaccinium myrtilloides syn Cyanococcus canadensis, Vaccinium angustifolium var. myrtilloides, Vaccinium canadense - Velvetleaf huckleberry, velvet-leaf blueberry
  • Vaccinium myrtillus - dwarf blueberry, whortleberry, low blueberry
  • Vaccinium ovatum syn Vaccinium ovatum var. saporosum - California huckleberry, Evergreen blueberry, Evergreen huckleberry
  • Vaccinium oxycoccos syn Oxycoccus hagerupii, Oxycoccus intermedius, Oxycoccus microcarpos, Oxycoccus ovalifolius, Oxycoccus oxycoccos, Oxycoccus palustris, Oxycoccus palustris ssp. microphyllus, Oxycoccus palustris var. intermedius, Oxycoccus palustris var. ovalifolius, Oxycoccus quadripetalus, Oxycoccus quadripetalus var. microphyllus, Vaccinium microcarpos, Vaccinium oxycoccos ssp. microphyllum, Vaccinium oxycoccos var. intermedium, Vaccinium oxycoccos var. microphyllum, Vaccinium oxycoccos var. ovalifolium - Small cranberry
  • Vaccinium parvifolium - Red blueberry, Red huckleberry, Red Whortleberry
  • Vaccinium scoparium - Grouse whortleberry, Grouseberry
  • Vaccinium uliginosum syn Vaccinium occidentale, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. alpinum, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. gaultherioides, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. microphyllum, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. occidentale, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. pedris, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. pubescens, Vaccinium uliginosum var. alpinum, Vaccinium uliginosum var. occidentale, Vaccinium uliginosum var. salicinum - Alpine blueberry, Bog blueberry, alpine bilberry
  • Valeriana columbiana - Wenatchee valerian
  • Valeriana dioica - Marsh valerian, northern valerian
  • Valeriana scouleri syn Valeriana sitchensis ssp. scouleri, Valeriana sitchensis var. scouleri - Scouler's valerian
  • Valeriana sitchensis syn Valeriana sitchensis var. hookeri - Mountain helioptrope, Sitka valerian
  • Vancouveria hexandra syn Vancouveria brevicula, Vancouveria parvifolia, Vancouveria picta - Northern inside-out flower, White insideout flower
  • Veratrum californicum - California false hellebore, Corn lily, California wild hellebore, skunk cabbage
  • Veratrum insolitum - Siskiyou false hellebore, Siskiyou wild hellebore
  • Veratrum viride syn Veratrum eschscholtzianum, Veratrum eschscholtzii, Veratrum eschscholtzii var. incriminatum, Veratrum viride ssp. eschscholtzii, Veratrum viride var. eschscholtzii - Green Corn Lily, Green false hellebore, American wild hellebore
  • Verbena bracteata syn Verbena bracteosa, Verbena imbricata - Bigbract verbena, Carpet vervain, Prostrate vervain
  • Verbena hastata - Blue verbena, Blue vervain, Swamp verbena, wild hyssop
  • Verbena stricta - Hoary verbena, Hoary vervain, Tall vervain, Woolly verbena
  • Veronica americana - American Brooklime, American speedwell
  • Veronica cusickii - Cusick's speedwell
  • Veronica scutellata syn Veronica scutellata var. villosa - Skullcap speedwell, marsh speedwell, grass-leaf speedwell
  • Veronica serpyllifolia - Thymeleaf speedwell
  • Veronica wormskjoldii - Alpine Speedwell, American alpine speedwell, hairy speedwell
  • Viburnum edule syn Viburnum pauciflorum - Moosewood viburnum, Squashberry, high-bush cranberry
  • Viburnum opulus - European cranberrybush, cranberry-tree, snowball
  • Vicia americana - American vetch
  • Vicia hirsuta syn Vicia hirsuta var. terronii, Ervum hirsutum, Ervum terronii - Alverjón, Cigerão, Ers lentille, Ers velu, Ervilhaca-pilosa, Hairy tare, Hairy vetch, Rauhhaarwicke, Sparrow vetch, Tare vetch, Tiny vetch, Vesce hérissée, Vesceron, Zitterwicke
  • Vicia nigricans - black vetch
  • Vicia nigricans ssp. gigantea syn Vicia gigantea - Giant vetch
  • Vicia tetrasperma syn Vicia tetrasperma var. tenuissima - lentil vetch
  • Viola adunca - Hookedspur violet, Western Blue Violet, early blue violet
  • Viola bakeri syn Viola bakeri ssp. grandis, Viola bakeri ssp. shastensis, Viola nuttallii var. bakeri -
    Baker's violet
  • Viola canadensis - Canadian white violet
  • Viola flettii - Olympic violet, Flett's violet
  • Viola glabella - Pioneer violet, Smooth yellow violet, stream violet
  • Viola howellii - Howell's violet
  • Viola langsdorfii syn Viola simulata, Viola superba - Alaska violet, Aleutian violet
  • Viola macloskeyi - Small white violet, Smooth white violet, White mountain violet
  • Viola nephrophylla syn Viola maccabeana, Viola nephrophylla var. arizonica, Viola nephrophylla var. cognata, Viola pratincola, Viola retusa - Northern bog violet, Wanderer violet, kidney-leaved violet, prairie blueviolet, wild pansy, wild violet
  • Viola odorata - sweet blue violet
  • Viola orbiculata syn Viola sempervirens var. orbiculata,Viola sempervirens var. orbiculoides -
    darkwoods violet, round-leaved violet, evergreen yellow violet
  • Viola palustris - Marsh Violet
  • Viola praemorsa - Canary violet
  • Viola purpurea - Goosefoot violet, purplish violet
  • Viola sempervirens syn Viola sarmentosa - Evergreen violet, redwood violet
  • Viola sheltonii - Shelton's violet, fan violet
  • Viola trinervata - Desert pansy, Rainier violet, Sagebrush violet, 3-nerved violet
  • Viola vallicola - Sagebrush violet, Yellow violet, Nuttall violet
  • Vulpia octoflora - Common Sixweeks Grass, Sixweeks fescue, eight-flowered fescue, pullout grass, sixweeks grass
  • Whipplea modesta - Common whipplea, Modesty Whipplevine, Yerba de Selva
  • Wolffia borealis syn Wolffia punctata - northern watermeal
  • Wolffia brasiliensis syn Bruniera punctata, Wolffia papulifera - Brazilian watermeal
  • Woodsia oregana - Oregon cliff fern, western cliff fern
  • Woodsia scopulina - Rocky Mt. Woodsia, Laurentian cliff fern
  • Woodwardia fimbriata syn Woodwardia chamissoi - Giant chainfern
  • Wyethia amplexicaulis syn Espeletia amplexicaulis - Mule-earsnorthern mule-ears, smooth dwarf sunflower
  • Wyethia angustifolia syn Wyethia angustifolia var. foliosa - California compassplant, Narrowleaf mule ears, narrowleaf Wyethia
  • Xanthium strumarium - Rough cockleburr, Canada cocklebur, common cocklebur
  • Xerophyllum tenax syn Helonias tenax - Beargrass, Common beargrass, Western turkeybeard
  • Zannichellia palustris syn Zannichellia major, Zannichellia palustris var. major, Zannichellia palustris var. stenophylla - Horned pondweed, Horned poolmat
  • Zigadenus elegans - Mountain deathcamas, glaucous death camas
  • Zigadenus paniculatus syn Helonias paniculatus, Toxicoscordion paniculatum - Foothill deathcamas, panicled death camas, sand corn
  • Zigadenus venenosus - Meadow deathcamas, common death camas
  • Zizia aptera syn Zizia aptera var. occidentalis, Zizia cordata - Heartleaf alexanders, Meadow zizia, Meadowparsnip Zizia
  • Zostera marina syn Zostera marina var. latifolia, Zostera marina var. stenophylla, Zostera pacifica - Eelgrass, Seawrack



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