Shown below are the bugs and beasties I've encountered around the islands. I've endeavored to get the name of the creatures, but no links. I hope you enjoy my snapshots. 

The photography I offer for Klamath Basin and these islands is copyright free. You are welcome to glean them and use them as you please. A link back here is appreciated, but not necessary.


Steatoda grossa-False black widow, cupboard spider, the dark comb-footed spider and the brown house spider

While spiders give me the creepy-crawlies, I do find them intriguing and beautiful. This one is an intruder and, in my book, a most welcome one. These are said to prey on and displace the true Black widow that thrives quite happily in my studio. I hope this girl's invasion burgeons!!


Habronattus sp - Jumping spider


Phidippus audax - jumping spider


??? - wolf spiders? another type of jumping spiders?


??? - wolf spiders? another type of jumping spiders?


??? - spider


Phalangida - Harvestmen, Daddy longlegs


??? - This fella wasn't much bigger than a gnat!


Family: Araneidae - Garden spider


Cybaeus sp - spider Entelegynes>Cybaeidae>Cybaeus


Spider - big and scary


??? - teensy spider. Legs and all are only the size of a #2 pencil eraser. This little tyke was on the driftwood on our front porch.


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Mystery flowers. Can you help me name them?
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Noxious Flowers , Washington

Endangered Flowers, Washington

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USDA Hungry Pests Sharing information about the threat invasive plant pests, diseases and harmful weeds pose to America's fruits, vegetables, trees, and other plants—and how the public can help prevent their spread.
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