Shown below are the bugs and beasties I've encountered around the islands. I've endeavored to get the name of the creatures, but no links. I hope you enjoy my snapshots. 

The photography I offer for Klamath Basin and these islands is copyright free. You are welcome to glean them and use them as you please. A link back here is appreciated, but not necessary.


Ochlodeo sylvanoides - Western skipper butterfly

Not my photo: source .


Celatrina ladon - Spring azure

Not my photos: click on the larva for links to sources:


??? - moth


Triphosa haesitata- Tissue moth


Noctua pronuba - Winter cutworm caterpillar/Large yellow underwing moth

Photographed July 17


??? - moth

I've finally gotten this moth down to the Geometrids but haven't been able to refine it any further. Perhaps Aethaloida packardaria? Its possible this might be a variant of Triphosa haesitata.


Tyria jacobaeae - Cinnabar moth - This little guy was making himself at home on some Beach peas along West Beach Rd. I found this beauthy in the invasive tansy ragwort at Rocky Point by the NAS golf course here on Whidbey Island.

Not my photo: source .


Incisalia augustinus iroides OR Callophrys augustinus- Western brown elfin

Not my photo: source .


Malacosoma californicum - Western tent caterpillar. Found next to the Oak Harbor courthouse

Not my photo: source .


Lophocampa maculata - Spotted tussock moth (early instar)

Not my photo: source


Lophocampa argentata - Silver spotted tiger moth

Not my photo: source


Lophocampa roseata - Rosy Aemilia

Not my picture -source


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