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= Poisonous to animal and/or human
= Crop weed in Washington
= Native to Washington
= Noxious or invasive in Washington
= Endangered in Washington
= Federal noxious weed in Washington
= Quarantine! Mandatory immediate destruction

Shown below are the bugs and beasties I've encountered around the islands. I've endeavored to get the name of the creatures, but no links. I hope you enjoy my snapshots. 

The photography I offer for Klamath Basin and these islands is copyright free. You are welcome to glean them and use them as you please. A link back here is appreciated, but not necessary.


Chiggers, Harvest mites (these guys are arachnids!)


Coccinellidae spp - Ladybug


??? Wee, tiny deeply black thing about the size of a gnat. Found it on mushrooms.


Chrysochus cobaltinus-Blue milkweed beetle. I found these beauties along the highway just outside of Yakima, WA. They are a most glorious blue. The pictures do not do them justice.


Nasonovia spp - Aphid


Treehopper of some kind

Photographed early September


Polyphilladecem lineata - Ten-lined junebug. My chihuahua normally likes to terrorize bugs but this one had her buffaloed! Sure was nice to have the opportunity to take a series of more indepth pictures of wildlife! This big fella was a real beauty. I found him on our back porch.


??? - really, really minute - about the size of the sharp end of a straightpin. found on the indian pipe in our woods.


Tetraopes texanus - Milkweed Longhorn or Red Milkweed Beetle. There were a bunch of these guys in a stand of milkweed found alongside the highway close to Yakima, WA.


I think these are two different bugs. I found them busily wandering around on the pistil of a skunk weed.


Cantareus aspersus - Common garden snail. Introduced garden pest.


Thamnophis sirtalis pickeringii - Puget sound garter snake

Found this little girl on some beach pea along West Beach Rd outside of Oak Harbor. Sure is a pretty thing! She is also in the Family Syrphidae.


Harpaphe Haydeniana-Almond-scented millipede, Black and yellow millipede, Cyanide Millipede, Macroshredder, Yellow Spotted Millipede. This guy (gal?) was wandering around Rocky Point.


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Common Names: G-M
Common Names: N-S
Common Names: T-Z
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