Shown below are the bugs and beasties I've encountered around the islands. I've endeavored to get the name of the creatures, but no links. I hope you enjoy my snapshots. 

The photography I offer for Klamath Basin and these islands is copyright free. You are welcome to glean them and use them as you please. A link back here is appreciated, but not necessary.


Agelaius phoeniceus - Redwing blackbird (female). Birdsong (3.5Mb *.mov) This gal was perched in the shrubs across from the Coupeville/Port Townsend ferry dock.


Anas clypeata - Northern shoveler


Chordeiles minor - Common nighthawk. Found next to the motel in Biggs Junction, OR right off Hwy 97


Molothrus ater - Brown-headed cowbird. Did you know these are considered songbirds??


Hirundo rustica - Barn Swallow


Rallus limicola - Virginia rail


Anas strepera - Gadwall's duck


Turdus migratorious - American robin. Most cool - caught the chicks before they could fly the coop!



Branta canadensis - Canadian goose

2011 was a real treat. We have three mating pairs who nest here at Swan Lake off West Beach Rd year after year. One had a huge clutch, another had a fair-sized clutch and the third only had four or five goslings. From the looks in the last picture, I'd say most - if not all - of them survived the hunt. Most years the redtail hawk and the bald eagles have snagged about half the goslings.


Phalacrocorax pelagicus - Pelagic cormorant (juvenile)


Melospiza melodia - Song sparrow


Spinus tristis - American goldfinch, female


Colaptes auratus - Red-shafted Northern Flicker Other common names are Northern flicker, Common flicker, Heigh-ho, wake up you harry-wicket, you walk-up, wick-up, yarrup, and gawker bird.


Picoides villosus - Hairy woodpecker


Anas acuta - Northern Pintail


Ardea herodias - Great blue heron


Chenca erulescens - Snow goose


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Scientific Names: G-M
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Common Names: A-F
Common Names: G-M
Common Names: N-S
Common Names: T-Z
Mystery flowers. Can you help me name them?
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Noxious Flowers , Washington

Endangered Flowers, Washington

Poisonous Plants

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USDA Hungry Pests Sharing information about the threat invasive plant pests, diseases and harmful weeds pose to America's fruits, vegetables, trees, and other plants—and how the public can help prevent their spread.
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