Sallye was born in July, 2003 and is a littermate of Patches. She is a cuddlebug and loves to be held. She came home with us late in October. We waited until the kittens were at least 12 weeks old so they could hold their own with the two older cats and all the chihuahuas. We also wanted them to be litterbox trained and be able to jump UP to the catbox and foodbowls we keep out of reach of the dogs. Sallye is so smart she's spooky. She's is the feline equivalent of Pru. Thinking, calculating, outstanding sense of humour and adventure, she has no fear, nothing is sacred and she is earnestly in play mode. Like her sister, she is sweet tempered and gentle and while rough and tumble, never bites or bats hard. She adores her dogs and tumbles with Anniebear daily. Currently, her favorite toy is my Dad. Those two have hit it off and they're always messing with each others' head.

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2003 - "How much is that kitty in the window..."
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2003 - She has the look of one of those Egyptian hairless cats in body confirmation. Quite acquiline.
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2003 - Sallye is one beautiful kitten.
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2003 - Such pretty eyes.
sallydishwash001a.jpg (5229 bytes) 2004 - Exploring and being cute.
sallydishwash001e.jpg (10248 bytes) 2004 - And you thought we used soap in our dishwasher...
sallysleep001a.jpg (7353 bytes) 2004 - Zzzzzzzzz.
sallyehanging001a.jpg (9756 bytes) 2005 - Idiot child just hangin' out watching us watch her. This is one of her favorite spots.


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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