'Quita, our sweet Chiquita Juanita. She is the only pet we've ever had that did not come home with us as a baby. We adopted her from the breeder where we had gottenLhamo and Anniebear. She is Lhamo's birth mother. After two litters, the breeder decided to retire her and we leapt at the opportunity to throw our name in the hat for her. No one else asked for her, so she came home with us!! We had her spayed and 'Quita took awhile to adjust to her new environment. She stayed in hand most of the time and, after a couple years, finally started to play. We waited a full year before returning to the breeders for a visit and what a homecoming that was!! 'Quita was SO glad to see her mommy and daddy again!! She made several rounds of all the laps throughout the entire visit but the crowning moment came when Joy and I stood up and said it was time to go home. 'Quita bolted for the door and leapt into the van!! She had no doubts where she wanted to go!!! We were all pleased, fearing she wouldn't want to leave the house where she'd been born and raised her own pups. I guess she figured it out finally that she got as much laptime as she could possibly want with us instead of sharing it with all the fellow dogs in the kennel!! She WAS quite the hugbug. She would've been happy if her feet never touched the ground again, .

Our little 'Quita was 5 years old when she came to us in 2001. She is a quiet, loving little thing who was a delight to hold. She went "boneless" when you picked her up, much like a water balloon and felt similar to a very small human baby when she snuggled into your chest. Nothing pleased her more than being bussed and rubbed. She had a quirky sense of humor and played quite gently. She was fearless and we called her "The Deer Slayer" because she chased the deer and the big dogs off the property whenever she got a chance. She tolerated the cats and, when Patches decided to mess with her, she became this Kujo dog. We crack up every time and Patches sits back so proud of herself.

'Quita journeyed to The Summerlands in November 2006 after suffering from Protein-losing Enteropothy. This is an hereditary dysfunction and, since we have her son, we see improvements in Lhamo's health since we implemented the changes we had hoped would save 'Quita's life.

keetagrina.jpg (5707 bytes) 2002 - 'Quita was a hoot when she grinned. She raised up just one side of her mouth so just one tooth showed and it looked like her nose was on crooked!! She always grinned when she was disciplined and, of course, we buckle every time.
keetalounge001a.jpg (4757 bytes) 2002 - 'Quita, once she felt at home, flipped over onto her back and that's how we saw her most often. She slept with all four legs at different points of the compass! And hooboy! Could she snore!
quitapose001a.jpg (1513 bytes) 2002 - She was quite the little beauty when she posed or when she was in arm, but get her on the ground and watch her walk!! She had the flattest feet of any dog I've ever seen and she didn't walk, she waddled!! She didn't move very fast or go very far, but let her even THINK there's an intruder in the yard, she was quick as lightning and in the forefront!!
quitacloseup001a.jpg (5545 bytes) 2003 - A close shot of her sweet face.
quitahangin001a.jpg (4442 bytes) 2003 - Quita doing her favorite thing, hangin' out in someone's arms.
quitaprincess001a.jpg (1704 bytes) 2004 - Quita figured out how to get up on the pillow under the window. Such a princess.
quita002c.jpg (5580 bytes) 2005 - Quita being absolutely adorable. She was at her best when we were eating dinner on the couch. She popped up like this on the coffee table and tipped her head from side to side.
quita002a.jpg (6820 bytes) 2005 - Expectation! You'll notice one foot is in a cast. Chihuahuas are fast little dogs and she jumped from my lap when I was at my computer before I could grab her. As a result, she broke a couple of her toes pretty badly and had to wear the cast for six weeks.


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

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