prubaske001a.jpg (2482 bytes) Pru visiting her Grampa Collier. He put her basket on top of the computer desk and switched on a lamp so she could baske in the warmth while he computed!
prubaske001C.jpg (2016 bytes) Pru supervising Grampa Collier.
prusunni-putera.jpg (3493 bytes) Pru and me watching something on my computer.
prucursor02a.jpg (5943 bytes) Pru still chases the cursor!! I hope she never outgrows it!! It's wayyyy too funny.
prudesk01a.jpg (5698 bytes) Occasionally, Pru would tippy-toe across the desk and oust Frekls from her perch.
prudinner001a.jpg (2410 bytes) Visiting with my neice, I couldn't believe my eyes when she said it was okay for Pru to stay at the table!! We all laughed and Pru was a well-mannered young lady albeit on the alert for any handouts.
pruhobo001a.jpg (7189 bytes) When we go out for rides, I usually stop somewhere and let Pru sniff around and explore, which she does at top speed. Here we were by a set of tracks and she decided to play the hobo.
pruvulturea.jpg (4976 bytes) Pru impersonating the Snoopy vulture. She's hanging out in hopes of leaping on Frekls.


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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Piggles and Lizards

Group Shots
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Others' Pets
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