Prusilla Pipsqueak. She definitely isn't any pipsqueak, ringing in at an humongous 11 pounds. That's way on the big end for the breed. We wanted a longhair female and all the breeder had were longhair boys, so we looked over the other pups due for adoption. At two inches long, Pru stuck her butt up in the air and barked at us when we put our hands into the basinet. Well, that was all it took.

Pru is so smart she's scarey. She understands whole paragraphs, can reason as well as any 6 year old child, has a wicked sense of humor, doesn't miss a trick and lives to go for rides in the car. She actually goes into a depression if she doesn't get to go on a road trip at least once a week!!

Pru is also a rottweiler crammed into an 11 pound package. She has no fear whatsoever. Down in Klamath Falls, the neighbor's oversized male boxer, Chipper, and his black lab running mate, Katie, cruised through the yard several times a week. If Pru was outside when they breezed through, she would really give Chipper grief. He's a big, stupid, lovebug who adored Pru. She would run up to him hollering insults then leaped up and bit his face, hanging there like an ornament and Chipper grinned so happily!! "Looky here, folks!! Pru's playing with me!" It's a sight to behold.

pru&joy002.gif (8064 bytes) Pru was such a tiny thing when we brought her home!!! Poor little dear squealed and whined the whole way home. She hated the drive!!! It took us quite a bit of work, but once we got her used to going everywhere with us, she figured out it was WAY more fun and now only whines when we don't take her for a drive!
pru&sun001.gif (7539 bytes) Pru and me playing. Here she's wearing a sock I converted into a sweater for her because it was a lot cooler in Klamath Falls than it was in White City where she was born!
pru&sun003.gif (7844 bytes) Pru still does this!! "Whatcha doin'?"
pru001.gif (7417 bytes) Insatiable curiousity. This is also one of the few pictures of Pru with her ears erect. She never did get a real good handle on them and we're very glad she didn't. Like a lemur's tail, Pru's ears speak volumes about what she's thinking and how she's feeling!!
pru002.gif (6483 bytes) We had built a ramp for our old english sheepdog when she got to the point where she couldn't take the stairs anymore. Thank goodness we left it up because Pru was too small to get up and down the steps!!!! And she loved to tear up and down the ramp!!!
pru003.gif (7150 bytes) Pru, like all chihuahuas, is a true sun worshipper. If there's a patch of sun, she'll drag all her toys (and whatever else she can abscond with) over to it and entertain herself until the sun moves out of reach!!
pru006.gif (7153 bytes) My sweet girl. Such an innocent looking little darling. But don't let that fool you - she's a regular rough and tumble tomboy!
pru007.gif (8061 bytes) Naptime!!


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

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