Lilly and BJ

Lilly came to Klamath Falls with me from Sacramento, California. My last husband and I had two old english sheepdogs (OES): Ophee and Lilly. Ophee couldn't get along with the cats, so she was returned to my ex-husband. Lilly stayed an only dog with three cats to entertain her for several months, but she wasn't quite happy. So we stopped by the local Humane Society and brought home BJ - a dachsund/sheltie mix. Lilly was ecstatic and the two bonded right away.

Lillly was born a full-bred OES in August of 1986 and was registered as Ophee's Lotus Lilly. Ophee was the dominant dog and had a strong personality, so Lilly's personality didn't really start coming out until Ophee was returned to Sacramento. What we found was a goofy, loving, stupid dog who loved nothing more than to make her people laugh and to tumble with her cats. She adored water and took a dip every time we were close to lakes, ponds or streams. She popped approximately four soccerballs a year.

BJ was a hoot. Very intelligent, she was a thinking dog with a brave heart. She was also an excellent mouser and kept our yard devoid of prairie dogs - an added bonus. She didn't tumble as much with the cats, but preferred to snuggle up and sleep with Frekls.

ophee001a.gif (9334 bytes) This is me with Ophee. She was my very first dog and we loved each other to pieces!
lillypupa.jpg (5255 bytes) Here's Lilly as a baby. She was too cute!
lilly1a.jpg (5263 bytes) Such a happy dog!!! No matter how she felt, whether awake or asleep, she was always ready to play!!
lilly.gif (7496 bytes) Lilly was small for an OES - only 75 pounds, but she was an armful when you needed a hug. I would sit on the floor and she would trot up and plop down between my legs and I could wrap arms and legs around her. She would lean in and stay there indefinitely.
lil&bj.gif (11265 bytes) As Lilly grew old and unhealthy (she lived to 13 years!), BJ grew closer to her. In the last couple years, whenever Lilly settled down, BJ would park either between Lilly's front paws or somewhere in contact with her.
lilly&bja.jpg (6940 bytes) Our girls lounging on the couch.
bj.gif (9325 bytes) BJ was full of mischief and always ready to either mess with our heads or have us mess with hers.
bj1a.jpg (7844 bytes) Here she is trying to avoid the camera. *grin* When she was a puppy, she contracted Parvo and, with the remarkable skill of our vet, she hung on by a thread. When it came time for Lilly to journey, BJ was 9 years old and going on 20 healthwise, so we put her down at the same time. That was a very tough decision.
bj2a.jpg (5067 bytes) What a pretty girl, listening carefully to whatever Joy is saying!


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Lilly and BJ





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