Lhamo Longlegs - he wasn't supposed to have such long legs and, when he matured and went back to visit the breeder, she was horrified! We couldn't figure out why. We are enchanted with his lithe frame. He has springs in them thar laigs!! He can leap clear over the couch, from the bedroom door he can sail across the room to the bed, he can launch from a curled up position to hover almost three feet in the air, and he can run as fast as a jack rabbit. That's FAST. He just can't jink 90 degrees on a dime like the rabbits can, though. He is beautiful and truly poetry in motion.

Our only male dog, he has become alpha male sharing the dominant position with Pru, the alpha female. He is a ferocious little man and won't abide males from ANY species, including human. The only male he tolerates is my dad. He is unfriendly toward most people, including Joy's son who lived with us for the first five years of Lhamo's life. We have gone to great lengths to socialize him, but he's just a two person dog: Joy and me.

With us, Lhamo is loving, trusting, playful and protective. He has a good sense of humor and will bug us until we turn on him to mess with his head. He has no qualms about us rolling him over onto his back and is quite the little hugbug.

lhamosunniblanky001a.jpg (2351 bytes) Lhamo loves his mommy mattresses and is even happier when he's covered with a blanket. Under cover is a true chihuahua trait.
lhamo001a.jpg (4364 bytes) Sleeping so sweetly.
lhamo003a.jpg (4921 bytes) Lhamo had two speeds as a puppy: full go and full stop.
lhamo004a.jpg (4320 bytes) What a little innocent he looked like as a puppy. Who would've thought he'd turn out to be such a little rottweiler!! He was SO cute. (Still is, actually.)
lhamo009a.jpg (4199 bytes) He didn't develop the feathers around his ears until he was almost 18 months old!! As a puppy, he looked more like a short hair than the long hair he really is!
lhamo005a.jpg (4350 bytes) Lhamo hording all of his lizards into the cat toy he's appropriated from Frekls.
lhamo002a.jpg (3887 bytes) "Whatcha doin'?"
Lhamotoysnooze02a.jpg (4331 bytes) Full stop, right in the middle of playing!


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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