Group Shots

Here are the pictures with the furkids all together in different combinations!! They are put here higgledy-piggledy without regard to chronilogical sequence or logical grouping. Enjoy!

dogs&kittens001t.jpg (16439 bytes) First day home, Sallye and Patches are confined to "jail."
dogs&kittens002t.jpg (10523 bytes) They don't like it and Sallye especially wants to get out!
dogs&kittens003t.jpg (17505 bytes) They still have a wrap around their middles to keep the pain killer patch in place after being spayed and declawed.
prukittens&pog001a.jpg (17922 bytes) Pru (in front), Sallye (on the left) and Patches (on the right) were simply fascinated with our African hedgehog, Piggles.
sallyepiggles&patches001a.jpg (19025 bytes) Sallye and Patches trying to figure out how to get to Piggles.
sallyepiggles&patches002a.jpg (18688 bytes) Sallye giving Piggles a serious case of the huffs... *crooked grin*
catpile001a.jpg (7423 bytes) catpile001c.jpg (7407 bytes)Sallye, Patches and Frekls in a catpile.
Following is a series of MPEG videos. They were taken at night using indoor ambient light, so they're quite dark. You'll need to explore your mpg player to see if you can adjust the Video Settings to lighten it or sharpen the contrast.
Click! Dogs and "the twins" on the first day. (1.4Mb - 15 seconds)
Click! Annie and the kittens watching the pog figure out how to use the ball. (1.4Mb - 15 seconds)
Click! Sallye playing with Piggles. At this point, he was still huffing (tucks into a ball and makes huffing noises), but it didn't take him long to figure out he was safe inside the ball!! (1.08Mb - 12 seconds)
Click! Piggles and Patches. Note here he no longer huffs up and he's figured out he can move around! (1.4Mb - 15 seconds)
Click! Frekls and the kittens. Frekls isn't quite sure about the "living ball" thing while the kittens get rowdy with each other. Meanwhile, Piggles is impervious!! (1.4Mb - 15 seconds)


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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Piggles and Lizards

Group Shots
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Others' Pets
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