Group Shots

Here are the pictures with the furkids all together in different combinations!! They are put here higgledy-piggledy without regard to chronilogical sequence or logical grouping. Enjoy!

anniequitapru001a.jpg (2536 bytes) Mommy mattress again adding Pru to the pile.
anniequitasunworshipa.jpg (7084 bytes) Sunbathers Anniebear and 'Quita.
botha.jpg (4765 bytes) Lhamo and Pru hanging out on the couch, watching us unpack.
catdogsplay001a.jpg (2176 bytes) Frekls dodging Lhamo's big mouth while Pru vultures above.
catdogsplay001c.jpg (2018 bytes) Pru and Frekls waiting for Lhamo to race by.
catfish001e.jpg (6567 bytes) While we were moving, we left the 75 gallon long fishtank on the floor for awhile. Loving boxes, Persia decided this was a great place to be. She really liked being able to mess with the dogs' heads without getting chased!!
catfish002c.jpg (6811 bytes) Frekls also discovered the aquarium and took the opportunity to play with Pru.
catfish003a.jpg (9758 bytes) Here we have both "cat fish."


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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Piggles and Lizards

Group Shots
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Others' Pets
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