Group Shots

Here are the pictures with the furkids all together in different combinations!! They are put here higgledy-piggledy without regard to chronilogical sequence or logical grouping. Enjoy!

3cheemeeta.jpg (5644 bytes) Anniebear's first day at home with us, protected in the "jail" from the overzealous and curious Lhamo and Pru.
4of5babies001a.jpg (2404 bytes) Pru, Anniebear and Lhamo hanging out on the ottoman with Frekls in the background.
anniebearfreklszzz001a.jpg (4397 bytes) Buds sleeping together.
anniebearfreklszzz001c.jpg (4708 bytes) Frekls and Anniebear sleeping together again.
anniebuttingfrekls001a.jpg (8098 bytes) Anniebear butting Frekls, trying to get her to play.
anniefreklsnap001a.jpg (7095 bytes) Still buds...
anniemischiefa.jpg (6452 bytes) Lhamo trying to snooze while Anniebear is charged and ready to play.
anniequita001a.jpg (2601 bytes) Me doing mommy mattress with Anniebear and 'Quita.


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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Piggles and Lizards

Group Shots
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Others' Pets
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