When Joy's son (my godson!), Patrick, was 10, his cat, Tiger, developed a sudden sickness and did not survive. So we went down to the local Humane Society and browsed through the cat cages. Joy didn't want Siamese, but we kept coming back to the litter of yowling kittens with astonishing blue eyes. Each time we reached into the cage, one particular female would instantly claw her way, lickitty-split up an arm, around the neck and up to the top of the head. We succumbed.

A ragdoll/calico mix, we named her Frekls for the spots on her face and toes. There are only two kinds of Siamese with nothing inbetween: very smart or very stupid. Ours was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that was much of her charm. She was sweet, adored people and loved her dogs.

In fact, we ended up getting new dogs a year early after Lilly and BJ journeyed to The Summerlands because the cats were not adjusting to being without dogs! Frekls slept with, played with and groomed all four of "her" chihuahuas! When Persia hissed or shanghai'd any of the dogs or made any of them yipe, Frekls would slink at top speed out of nowhere and set Persia straight!

Frekls journeyed to The Summerlands in August 2006 after a long and eventful life.

frekls&sunniclaying01a.jpg (6185 bytes) This is me working with Frekls supervising. She rode anyone's shoulders at every opportunity. It was especially nice in the winter!
frekls.gif (8062 bytes) Lounging and watching whatever's moving!
frekls001.gif (8918 bytes) Keeping tabs on her family.
frekls002.gif (9796 bytes) Between Frekls and Pru, this playtoy finally died. We need to get another. Frekls loved to kick the tar out of this!
frekls1a.jpg (6216 bytes) Lounging again.
frekls2a.jpg (4441 bytes) Finally caught her "anvil heading." She usually did this disgusted look when she finally figured out she'd been had by our jokes again.
frekls3a.jpg (6095 bytes) My sweet girl. She followed me around like a dog and slept with me - as the top of the dogpile. As big as she is, the dogs don't seem to mind being buried under her.
frekls-sheepskina.jpg (7153 bytes) Frekls loved my sheepskins. It was hard to tell where she stopped and the sheepskin began when she was belly up.
freklsshelf001a.jpg (2437 bytes) Shewasn't spoiled - much. Here she is snoozing in her very own shelf on my computer desk.
freklstilt001a.jpg (3322 bytes) "Whatcha doin'?"


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

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