Baby was born in 1987 and was Joy's first cat. She developed lung cancer in 1999 and journeyed to The Summerlands in July of that year. She was a dark sable with black stripes. The stripes could only be seen when she was stretched out in a patch of sunlight. Otherwise, she appeared to be a silky black. Growing up, she was a kitten from hell: constantly into trouble, regularly messing more with our minds than we did hers, perching on top of everything she could manage including doors and kitchen cabinets. As an adult, she was top cat (actually, top animal in the house), regal and a delight to play with. Her favorite game was peek-a-boo.

baby.gif (6212 bytes) Typical of "black" cats, it was hard to define the facial features, so often all you saw were the golden eyes!! Baby displayed many of the traits of a burmese and, for all her lady-like aires, she could be coaxed into rough housing.
baby001.gif (12288 bytes) Here's our girl lounging.
baby002.gif (8020 bytes) Such a lovely face!! She was quite a love bug and loved to be carried around the house. Once you stopped moving, though, she was outta there!


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