annie016a.jpg (5601 bytes) Poor Chachi was loose in the kids' room during the weaning period. It didn't take her long to want back out!!
annie&joy001a.jpg (3722 bytes) Homecoming day! Joy has her precious baby in hand.
annie009a.jpg (4920 bytes) At 12 weeks old, Anniebear was still an itty-bitty thing. She never grew!! She's still pretty small.
annie,joy,lhamo001a.jpg (4028 bytes) Joy introducing Lhamo to Anniebear.
anniefirstbatha.jpg (2962 bytes) Anniebear's first bath. She was a real trooper.
anniecloseup001e.jpg (4896 bytes) Babies sleep anywhere and soundly!!
anniecloseup001a.jpg (2838 bytes) "There once was a girl
Who had a curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good
And when she was bad she was horrid!"

That's our Annie!!

anniecloseup001c.jpg (3955 bytes) So sweet.


What's the difference between Cobbie and Deer Chihuahuas?

Lilly and BJ





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Piggles and Lizards

Group Shots
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Others' Pets
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