Annibear Wiggoworm is our wee one. Weighing in at a whopping five pounds, Anniebear is an ideal, bred-to-standard dog. She is as sharp as the leading edge of a basketball, stubborn as a mule, a through and through hedonist, a goofball, a regular cuddlebug and loves flowers. As far as Anniebear is concerned, the sun rises and sets in Joy and Anniebear follows her everywhere. It's a hoot to watch them because Joy's feet are bigger than the dog.

She answers to the nickname "Ferd'nand" (as in ...The Bull) because she has to stop and sniff every flower each time she goes outside. She also answers to Wiggoworm and really puts on a show squirming across the floor when she hears the name.

Anniebear is a longhair cobby, the result of years of breeding. The breeder was so pleased with her when she was born. It is unusual for newborns to show positively whether the coat is long or not, but Anniebear popped out with her hair all wavy and thick.

While she's the smallest of the gang, she is by no means the least. She has quite a temper and has been known to explode on and intimidate all the cats and dogs (and my Dad). She does bolt for the porch or behind the pack when other dogs or strangers come into the yard, but only far enough to be out of reach and then she hurls her fair share of insults. For being so tiny, she's all tomboy and is a rough and tumble little girl!

Annie001a.jpg (4224 bytes) This is Anniebear (on the left) with her short hair twin brother and their mother, Chachi, the psycho dog. We called Chachi psycho dog because she was unfriendly to strangers and would lunge at anyone other than the breeder who got near her pups. She was an excellent little mother.
annie002a.jpg (4260 bytes) Annibear at just a couple days old.
annie003a.jpg (3219 bytes) It's hard to see, but there is a tiny wave in her hair between her shoulders.
annie&birthmom001a.jpg (5194 bytes) Here's Anniebear at about six weeks with Chachi.
annie&littermatesa.jpg (7622 bytes) The breeder had three litters born within days of one another, so when the moms were relieved of puppies, they were all clumped together into the same pen.
annie011a.jpg (4899 bytes) All the babies snoozing. Chihuahuas sleep together in a pile like cats.
annie012a.jpg (4530 bytes) Anniebear at 8 weeks learning to play outside the pen.
annie015a.jpg (3986 bytes) Posing for the camera.


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