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My Spiritual Beliefs - My perspective on faith and living.
Games - Online Jigsaw Puzzles of photographs I have taken.
Klamath Basin Flower studies - Pictures of flowers growing wild in the Klamath Basin plus the occasional plant from other places. The thumbnails link to VERY large photos to give a bee's eye view of the plants for easier identification and to aid old eyes. This section of the site is no longer being updated.
Whidbey & Fidalgo Island Flower studies - Pictures of flowers growing wild on Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands. The thumbnails link to VERY large photos.
Album of Pet Pictures - Our pet pages. It's graphic intensive, so give the pages time to load.
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Polymer Clay Projects including my creations, my tutorials, and extensive links pages
Paper Crafting - My adventures in creating hand made paper with nonwood plant fiber, my exploration in bookbinding and foray into natural dyes.
Photo Art Gallery - My offerings of art photography, such as they may be. I had a Sony Mavica FD83D Digital Camera I played with and a need to explore a different way of seeing things.
Booth Journal - A record of my successes and failures at the different fairs and markets in Oregon. I kept changing

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1) Coathanger Christmas Tree
2) Coathanger Wreath
3) Origami Giftbox
4) Tiny Hinges

The Chemical Scorecard Logo - CLICK HERE to go there. The Chemical Scorecard. Find out by zipcode who's polluting where, what they're spewing, is it airborne or waterborne, how badly, and - if you're interested - what you can do to help in the fight against it.

Biographical Information

A Little Monologue

Folks call me Sunni. My family calls me by my given name, Colleen. I used to live in the rain shadow of the Siskiyou Mountains just a stone's throw from three volcanoes - Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLaughlin and Crater Lake (once known as Mt. Mazama) and walking distance to the northern California border. Country of the gods! However, my wife and I moved to Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound, Washington. Another paradise!

I live with my wife, our son and his partner and two cats on a seven acre family compound. Next door is my brother and next to him is his dotter with her son and husband. Behind our homes is five acres of coastal rain forest. It's never dull.

I come from a wacky family filled with love and laughter. All the brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, wives, and husbands get along - and there's a lot of us. The Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle really does exist for some of us!

I'm not a great talker when I meet people face to face, but I have the gift of gab when given a keyboard. I took some Creative Writing classes from a most remarkable teacher and was given the tools to paint word pictures with. You'll find a link to those stories above in Current Projects.

Also, I'm a compulsive reader. So you'll find other peoples' stories that touched my heart linked above in Current Projects. I hope you will enjoy them, too.

Crafting and artwork is an obsession of mine and now I am able to indulge myself. While I do lots of different kinds of crafts, my favorites remain working with polymer clay, papermaking, hobby photography and making jewelry. Since my retirement, my craftwork has moved to new levels n instructor for papermaking, polymer clay and wire worked jewelry. If you're curious please check out my business website HERE.

I also love to give things away, so I hope you go to the free.gif (3274 bytes) section in Current Projects above!!

Contact Information

If you see something you like, broken links, or something you don't like, have comments or suggestions, please email me!! Thank you for dropping by.

Email Me: webmistress AT sunnibergeron DOT com

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