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Me photographing flowers. Copyright 2003 Jean SinclairI have a fascination with flowers. Well - plants, really. I also have a fascination with macro photography (really close up shots). On the following pages, I present for your viewing pleasure a combination of these two obsessions. The main reason I took so many close ups is because it's easier to see how a flower is built when it's shown so very large. The details are clearly there that are hard for old eyes to see, especially when some of these flowers are smaller than a gnat in real life! It is my hope, someday, to render all the flowers on these pages into polymer clay. I don't know if I will ever accomplish this, but.... *shrug with lopsided grin* Now I've gotten into paper making, so the logging of flowers serves a dual purpose. It is also a record of all the plants I could find and follow through the seasons in the Klamath Basin. I acquired these photographs between 1998 and 2005. After 2006, this flower section will no longer be updated but I will continue to maintain it.

IF YOU FIND a broken link, please email me and I WILL update those.

These pictures have all been photographed by me with a Sony Mavica 83D digital camera and tweaked in Paint Shop Pro v7.0. Many of them are flowers growing wild in the Klamath Basin area of Southern Oregon and some are domestic flowers that caught my eye.

These pictures are not copyright protected. You are free to glean them and do as you will with them. Please load them to your server or hard drive and not link your pictures back to mine. I move my pictures around frequently so it serves you nothing to use up my bandwidth.  A link on your pages to my website would be appreciated, but isn't necessary.

There are up to 25 thumbnails per page - give or take a few - linked to a VERY big close up, so pages will likely load slowly if you are on dialup. Once on the page simply click on the flower you wish to view and the close up will appear in a new window.

spot.gif (316 bytes) = Poisonous to animal and/or human
ani-x.gif (375 bytes) = Noxious or Invasive in Oregon

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Flowers I don't know the names of

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