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spot.gif (316 bytes)Beading - Free bead stringing projects
Bead Stringing Projects - by Patrice
Beadage - All about beading blog
beadingdaily - Where life meets beading. A whole community!

spot.gif (316 bytes)Blending, Inclusion, Color
Polyclay FAQs - from Polymer Clayspot
Polymer Clay Tutor - online video tutorials
Polymer Clay Cyclopedia - Color recipe tips
An Introduction to the Push and Pull Theory - hosted by PBS, this is an interactive site where you can experiment with colors.
Smashing Color - Maggie Maggio's blog for the color curious.

spot.gif (316 bytes)Canes
Basket weave - Mia Rox
Building A Millefiore Cane
Bull'seye or Wrapped - Modelened
Canes, Reducing - SaraJane Helm
Canes, Reducing - Leigh Ross
Cane Theory - especially good for beginners - Byrd Tetzlaff
Caning: Elements of Polymer Clay - Tips for the artistically challenged - how to make the components for assembling a cane - Jeannie Havel
Cat Face Cane - Candice Mathewson
Curved Illusion - Bob Wiley
Eye - Xtine Alibert. She uses an ikat cane as the base! In french

Face - PCCyclopedia w/Jan Ruhnow
Flower: Balloon Flower - Darlene Kulczycki
Flower: DawnDazee - Dawn Naylor
Flower: Hydrangeas - Dawn Naylor
Flower: Hydrangea Variations - Dawn Naylor
Flower: Rose - TruLEIGH Rose Cane
Flower: Simple Cane
Jellyroll - Modelene
Jellyroll - Sunni Bergeron
Lace - Modelene
Lace - Leigh Ross
Leaf - Marie Segal demoed by Leigh Ross
Magic cane - Modelene (same as the Natasha technique)
Mica Shift Jellyroll Cane
Millefiore Cane
Mozaic Cane - Elissa Powell
Polymer Clay Cyclopedia - Basket weave, chevron stripes, basic spliced, spliced jellyroll, ikat, plaid, amish quilt, checkerboard, simple face, simple flower, striped, confetti, hydrangeas, Dawn Dazees, TruLEIGH Rose with leaves.
Quilt: Rainbow - Mia Rox
Skin: Giraffe
Spiderweb Cane - Sunni Bergeron
Swirly Brick - Mia Rox
Tiger Cane & Cover an Egg - Sunni Bergeron

spot.gif (316 bytes)Faux
Abalone (Marie Segal)
Abalone (Polymer Clay Express)
Cloisonne or Enamel - Ziggybeth
Cork, Turquoise and Wood - Glass Attic
Millefiore Chevron Beads - Sunni Bergeron
Millefiore Chevron Beads - Desiree McCrory
Glass Eyes - Antonette Cely
Techniques - Glass Attic: agate, amber, coral, dichroic glass, ivory, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, metal,opal,  raku,  red jasper, stone, water bubbles (& glassy)
Turquoise - Jeanne
Wood - Marie Segal
Wood Inlay - using the mica shift in Premo Gold Pearl - Bob Wiley

spot.gif (316 bytes)Finishing
Attaching pinbacks to cured pieces
Making A Dremel Polishing Mandrel - Desiree McCrorey
Making A Dremel Polishing Wheel - Desiree McCrorey
Sanding w/A Scumbuster - Elizabeth Kedaakde

spot.gif (316 bytes)Jewelry
Attaching A Pin Back - Kellie's Klay
Buna Cord: Bead and Loop Closure - Kellie's Klay
Clay and Wire Earrings - Madeline Nupp
Customizing Buna Cord with Lumiere Paints
Lazertran Lentil Rattle Pendant - Ziggybeth
Moebius Bead
Pillow bead - Carissa Nichols
Rose Hair Snaps - Twila Lenoir
Shiny Flat Beads - No Sanding! - Porro
Simple Flower Pin - Porro
Sliding Knots for adjustable length necklaces
Swirled Lentils with Inclusions and “Bead Caps” by Barbara Fajardo
Wire Jig - make your own
Wire working: Hook & Eye Clasp - Corgi
Wire Working: Make A Clasp - For Silk Cord, Etc. - Sunni Bergeron
Woman Pin - Christel Jensen


spot.gif (316 bytes)Kaleidoscopes
How to Build a Kaleidoscope by Dr. John Greivenkamp
How to Build a Kaleidoscope - Expert Village video tutorials

spot.gif (316 bytes)Molds
Mold Making Flexible Molds by Toika Bridges
Stamp Art Pin - by Tyra Smith at

spot.gif (316 bytes)Multiple Projects
Desiree's HowTo Desk  - Altoid Tin, Bead In Bead (Lost wax), Braided Rainbow Cane, Bullseye Lace Cane, Butterfly Wing Bead Cane, Faux Ivory/Bone Project, Faux Chevron Beads, Making Hands, Kaleidoscope Switch Plate Covers, PhotoEZ Silk Screen Stencils, Sparkling Moss Agate Beads
Donna Kato - Some of these are in Adobe Acrobat *.pdf format. The files must be downloaded to your computer and read with Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, get the free download HERE. Autumn Leaf Pendant, Christmas Cone, Skinner blend, Heart Lariat, Molded flower pen, Spring flowers, Cool summer beads, Leaf mask, Wacky Women pins, Antique faux cameo, Memory box, Mini-matchbox dresser, Sunny necklace, Cabochon necklace, Silkscreened journal, Trinket box, and translucent night light.
Eileen's Camp Crafts - Great for KIDS! Light switches, mezuzahs, finger puppets, face pins, mezzuzah charms, Chanukah Dreidels and charms, clay on glass, clay on papier mache, clay covered yogurt jars and bottles.
HGTV Clay Projects Menu - Too many to innumerate!! Go look and have fun!
Joshua's Clay Creations - Sculpts: Pete R. Rabbit, Jake the Clown, Xmas Lamb, Dragon, Angel Rose Ornament, Prayer Warrior Ornament, Santa, Apple, Cat, Cow, Snowman and more to come!
Modelene of Australia - Jellyroll, Lace cane, Magic Canes, Wrapped Cane
NoraJean - Homepage
Polymer Clay Central Master Index - multiple projects
Polymer Clay Express
Polymer Clay - A weekly podcast or videocast about learning to create with polymer clay. There is a new show every Friday.
Polyform Projects - The Sculpey People - multiple projects
Silastones tutorial blog - How To Make Beads From Polymer Clay
Vyxxan's Virtual Ventures - Making Faux Opals, Making Polymer Clay Convention Pins, Chrysanthemum Cane and Key Chain, Mica Shift Technique, and Faux Jade
Ziggybeth's - ThePolyParrot

spot.gif (316 bytes)Non-clay Techniques
Celtic Knotmaking - check back monthly! Tutorials with Cari Buziak
Chinese Knotting
FabricOrigami - Glenda Scott - can be adapted, perhaps, to fabric and liquid clay?
Tiny Hinges - Sunni Bergeron

spot.gif (316 bytes)Everything Else Projects
Butterfly Mobile - Suzanne Hogan
Covering Pens - ZiggyBeth
Eggs - Blowing them out - Sunni Bergeron
Eggs - Cutting A Spiral - pattern for drawing spirals on eggs, can be easily adapted to claying instead of cutting!!
Eggs - Complete lesson on making tiger canes then covering, baking and sanding the eggs. - Sunni Bergeron
Eggs - Covering them - Porro
Fairy Wings
Filigree - PCCyclopedia
Filigree - Mia Rox
Hearts: E-Z Hearts - Elissa Powell
Hearts: Elissahearts - Elissa Powell
Rose - Seven Petaled
Make Your Own Polymer Clay Stamp - Sunni Bergeron
Water Tattoos - Donna Westfall
Wildlife Wine Cup Candle

spot.gif (316 bytes)Pasta Machines - How to Clean Them
Cleaning an Atlas - Polymer Clay Central
Basic Atlas/Pasta Queen Maintenance - Desiree McCrory
Extreme Atlas/Pasta Queen Maintenance - Desiree McCrory
Extreme Belpasta Trattorina Maintenance - Desiree McCrory

spot.gif (316 bytes)Sculpting
Aqua Polyfloats - Magnetic miniature scuba divers
Babies - Jacqueline's PennyDolls  - multiple projects making babies
Crafty College - Online dollmaking distance learning
Dan Perez Studios - Sculpting 101: The Clay, Basics, Detailing & Skin Texture, Make Your Own Sculpting Tools, References - Moldmaking and Casting How-to
Frog How To - Joanie (Clayshayper)
Propping Up The Mythos: Bottling A Deep One - "Thing In A Jar"
Propping Up The Mythos: Making An Alien Statue - "Creature Feature"
Scrapclay Dragons - Polymer Clay Express
Sculpting A Child's Head
- done in earth clay, can be adapted to polymer clay
Sculpting A Crone - Marj Franke
Sculpting Tools - Make your own
Thing In A Jar - delightfully gross
Troll, The Head
Troll, Hands and Feet
Troll, The Body

spot.gif (316 bytes)Sealants
Flecto Varathane FAQs - SaraJane
Varathane/Future Dipping Pt1 - Elissa Powell
Varathane/Future Dipping Pt2 - Elissa Powell

spot.gif (316 bytes)Techniques (Clay Manipulation)
A Bargello Technique
Crushed Helix - Jody Bishel
Mica Shift: Jellyroll - Ginny Newman
Mica Shift: Satin Swirl Egg - Kellie's Klay
Mica Shift: Twisted Rope - Kellie's Klay
Mica Shift: Wood Inlay - using the mica shift in Premo Gold Pearl - Bob Wiley
Mokume Gane: Inlay - Helen Hughes
Mokume Gane: Mini- 4 colors - PCCyclopedia
Mokume Gane: Mudpile - Ziggybeth
Mokume Gane: Ocean Mokume Gane - Laurel Nevans
Mokume Gane: Painted - Dottie McMillan
Mokume Gane: Pearlescent Inks - Mia Rox
Mokume Gane: Spaghetti - Christine Platt
Mokume Gane: w/Fiesta Inks - Ziggybeth
Silk Screening - Diane Villano
Skinner Blend (Basic) - Leigh Ross
Skinner Blend (Rainbow)  - Leigh Ross
Skinner Blend (Ikat) - Tokensbeads - What Else To Do With Skinner Blends - Tri-Color Blend, Ikat Canes, and Holographic Weave

spot.gif (316 bytes)Tips and Tidbits
Glass/Ceramics and Polymer Clay - Tips from Lynn Hershberger
Tips and Techniques by Katherine Dewey
Elvenwork Tips Forum - Message board moderated by Katherine Dewey.

spot.gif (316 bytes)TLS (Transparent Liquid Sculpey)
Butterfly Wings - Wings that are strong and extremely realistic by Allan Vernal.
Flower Under Glass - TLS project
TLS Experiments - Donna Addis
TLS Experiments - Sunni Bergeron

spot.gif (316 bytes)Transfer, Silkscreening
Lazertran - Experiments with results - Deirdre Woodward
Lazertran The Right Way - More experiments with results - Deirdre Woodward
Lazertran Silk Transfer Paper

spot.gif (316 bytes)Useful Items
Mini-Picture Frames - Ziggybeth

spot.gif (316 bytes)Vessels
Box Pendants from Petit Four Cutters
Bubble Bottles
Covering Altoid Tins - Desiree McCrory
Rune Box - Cindy
Vessels With An Attitude - prescription bottles - Dotty McMillan

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