Techie Swap

These tremendously ugly little "Pyooter Protectors" are talismans to protect the owner's computer. Literally, these little fellas are "bug smashers." :D

These little guys are made from Sculpey 3 and the marbling is a gift given to me from my nephews when we had a clay day. They had made a lot of fun things and then, when they had some clay all mixed up good, they proudly presented it to me!! I figured these Pyooter Protectors were perfect for the clay! The eyes are made of 4mm plastic faceted beads that melted ever so slightly giving them a bit of a gloss! (I was hoping they'd do that!) The slegehammers are made from scraps of Fimo I had laying around.

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

pyooterprotectors01a.jpg (6035 bytes) pyooterprotectors02a.jpg (5789 bytes)


techtalisman1a.jpg (6042 bytes)
"Say hello to Backup the lucky computer charm. If you don't forget her, she'll never fail you. =-)"

Rebecca Alexander

techtalisman2a.jpg (3910 bytes)
"He should keep those gremlins away, or at least keep you company as you reload! Enjoy!

Kim P. Morton


leighleafa.jpg (3901 bytes) leighbeada.jpg (4463 bytes)

Made with Premo, the last two items are not part of the Techie Swap. Our Swapmeistress, Leigh Ross, was late getting all the Polymer Clay Central swaps out. To reward us for our patience and understanding, she included a couple of treats in each package. These were the treats I received. The Leighleaf and Leighbead!!! The leaf looks like metal yet is as soft and pliable as a rubber membrane! The bead, also soft when you squeeze it, is made with a layering technique she has perfected. The close up picture of the bead (showing both sides) is a VERY close up shot so you can enjoy the depth and intricacey of her work. I no longer possess this bead. My wife immediately appropriated it!!!

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