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Basic Introductory Clay Project

spot.gif (316 bytes) Ziggybeth

Color Mixing
Clay Tools
Skinner Blends and Templates
Covering Bic Pens
Sculpted Flower Beads

spot.gif (316 bytes) Cane Theory -

Taking the fear out of caning by explaining their simplicity.

spot.gif (316 bytes) Polymer Clay Tests -

"I conducted my own non-scientific tests on five different polymer clays commonly used by artisans and crafters. I was curious about sculpting qualities as well as the durability of cured clays. Here are the results I found. These were my own conclusions. You may get different results in your own tests." author unknown

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In her own words: "Welcome to Diane Black's "encyclopedia" of information on polymer clay. Here you'll find over 90 categories (1500 pages) of information relating to all polymer techniques... plus lessons, supply sources, tools and problem solving (as well as polymer photography, business, teaching, finding inspiration, etc.) Each category contains many links to examples for illustration, and often to lessons as well. (In case you wonder, I named my site Glass Attic because after I'd stored such huge amounts of info up in my "attic," it seemed a shame to keep it all to myself ... I wanted others to be able to look into my attic too. My own photos, diagrams and even more lessons are to come.)"

spot.gif (316 bytes) Lime Green Evolution - Carolyn Hasenfratz

Lesson 1: Introduction and Making Textured Beads
Lesson 2: High Contrast Colors - How to get good definition in your canes using contrast.
Lesson 3: Analagous Colors - How to mix similar colors and build a cane with it.

spot.gif (316 bytes)spot.gif (316 bytes) Katherine Dewey at Elvenworks

Tips and Techniques Compiled by Katherine Dewey

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Introductory Basics

Choosing & Mixing Clay
Conditioning Polymer Clay
Using the Food Processor
Using the Pasta Machine
Forming Clay Pieces
Firing Polymer Clay
Finishing Clay Pieces
Storing Polymer Clay
Using Stone Clays
Using Translucent Clays
Molding & Sculpting
Creating Surface Effects
Making Polymer Clay Jewelry
Safety & Cl eanup
More Information Sources

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Basic Pasta Queen and Atlas Pasta Machine Maintenance
Advanced Pasta Queen (and Atlas*) Machine Maintenance
Advanced Trattorina Pasta Machine Maintenance
How To Make Hands


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Online Jigsaw Puzzles of my polymer clay projects or
Online Jigsaw Puzzles of photographs I've taken in Oregon

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