Polymer Clay Malas

My wife's spiritual belief is Tibetan Buddhism and she needed some prayer beads or malas. Instead of buying them, I made her a set! Pictured below are my interpretations of the long mala with the traditional 108 beads and an abbreviated mala or wrist mala. Wrist malas are popularly known as "power bracelets."

I used Fimo brand opaque and translucent clays to create the beads and handshaped them. There are different shapes and sizes so she can easily keep count without having to look at either mala. I strung them on a doeskin cord for strength and flexibility.

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The traditional Tibetan Prayer Bead pattern for a "long" version.

longmala00a.jpg (7394 bytes) longmala04a.jpg (12312 bytes) longmala03a.jpg (9801 bytes)
longmala01a.jpg (7315 bytes) longmala02a.jpg (8582 bytes)  


The traditional Tibetan Prayer Bead pattern for a wrist mala.

wristmala00a.jpg (5710 bytes) wristmala01a.jpg (6517 bytes) wristmala02a.jpg (5480 bytes)


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