One on One

Visiting with a clay buddy, Linda Geer, I found out she had a problem with sore muscles. So we agreed on a One On One swap. Some of my witchy oil for something made by her. So I cobbled up the oil for her, but planned originally to put them into some plain, undecorated, one ounce serum bottles. Hm. Sez I to Myself, "This won't do." So what you see here is what I came up with. Using Joanie's tutorial, Build A Frog w/Polymer Clay, I made the frog for the lid. Then I covered and bottle with some glow in the dark clay and baked it. Using my own technique for preserving plants, I dipped some grass seed into very diluted Transparent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), laid them on the covered bottle and rebaked it. The grass toasted just a tiny bit giving it a more delightful golden color.

In return, she sent me some prizes!! The most fun was the "P'orns" (Polymer clay Horns). She was up on ICQ when I opened my package and we ran on with puns and sight gags for quite awhile about these P'orns!! The next gift was one of her famous kaleidoscopes. Blow me away!! I adore her 'scopes! This one is made with a mud mokume gane and it's beautiful. And also fun to play with. Last, was a lovely small altoid tin covered with leaves made with Premo Pearl Metallic skinner blends and soft felt on the bottom to prevent scratching a dresser top. Much to my surprise when I opened it, was an exquisite pendant! The cabochon is made with subtly marbled Premo Pearl Metallics and enhanced with a yellow rose cane. Unknown to Linda, I have a special spot in my heart for yellow roses. I will wear this one with joy.

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witchyoilc.jpg (6104 bytes)
My bottle of witchy oil to Linda.


Me!! With my "P'orns!"


scopea.jpg (5696 bytes)
She sent a kaleidoscope!!
scopec.jpg (8275 bytes)
Check out the mokume gane detail.


scopee.jpg (32213 bytes)
Pictures taken of various items with Linda's kaleidoscope as the filter!
(This picture is already full-size)


tina.jpg (6348 bytes)
Glistening leaves!!!
tinc.jpg (4775 bytes)
Surprise package!
tine.jpg (3430 bytes)


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