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How To Make
Tiny Hinges

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STEP 9. There you have it. You have the hinge part done!!! Now make another one. You need two hinges for every pivot. Then go to the next two pages for the pivot and how to put it all together!!

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STEP 10. Pick up the next wire and cut a length about 3" long. Hold the wire so it's vertical to the floor (like a tree) and grip as close to the top end of the wire as possible with the very tip of the roundnose pliers to create the smallest possible wrap. Now pull the rest of the wire from under the roundnose pliers up and around the nose until it stops. Pull the beginning of the loop off the roundnose pliers and place the roundnose pliers on your work surface.

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STEP 11. Pick up the flatnose pliers and grip the loop with them, holding the tail of the wire in your other hand. Carefully turn the loop until the wire has wrapped a couple times into a swirl. OR - you can hold the loop still with the flatnose pliers and pull the tail around, whichever is easier for you.

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STEP 12. When you have the swirl the way you want it, slip the first hinge on.

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STEP 13. Now slip the second hinge on.

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STEP 14. Refer to Step 10 and Step 11 on page 4 on how to wrap a swirl. If the wraps aren't even, simply turn each swirl on each end a little at a time until they match.

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STEP 15. Here's what the finished hinge with the pivot should resemble. You can modify it by twisting the pivot swirls so they're both facing the same way. You can make the hinge loops into swirls. You can probably use a wigjig kind of tool to get fancier ends on the pivot. Your imagination is the limit. When I affixed my hinges to my Book of Shadows (shown at the top bigger that life size), I used glops of E6000 in the center of each hinge loop. Works like a charm!!

Enjoy. I hope this lesson has been clear to you. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions, please email me or sign my guestbook!! Thank you for stopping by!

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