The Goddess Swap


These are all the goddesses I received from the other swappers. Wow! Really talented people!!!


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Cindy Pack

"These goddesses represent Abundance. There is a wonderful chapter on Gaia being the Goddess of Abundance in the book "The Goddess Path" if you have a chance to check it out. She tells how abundance doesn't mean having too muh or being greedy but rather appreciating what the Earth has (in abundance) and having simpley *enough. And there is enough to go around, but it is not always fairly distributed. Love, food, and money. So this is my Goddess of abundance. Larger ones have removable heads and could hold some special oil or spice. The small version does not have a removable head but is filled with glass beads and is a mini rattle. Hope you like yours!"

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Ronda in Oregon

"'Flutterby Goddess' From the book of Fata Morgana by Beith Wy'Neall.

'She and the other Creators had much work in the beginning. She was solely responsible for the birth of millions of Flutterbys when Urth was young and 'immortality' still meant forever.

'Now she stands as one of the few survivors of the race of the Gods; most of the other Gods and Goddesses having fallen out of the common belief system in favor of a few monotheistic Beings.

'Most of her Flutterby progeny are gone as well, due to a widespread plague of skepticism; as everyone knows you can't exist when the Mortals stop believing.

'The Flutterby's only hope at continued survival is in the fact that she looks so much like her cousins. By passing herself off as a butterfly, she gets not much more interest than a moth in May. And she'sd much rather be mistaken for an insect than disbelieved out of existence!'"

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Pauline J Batter

Fantasy Miniatures
Toy Craft, Polymer Clay and More!

Goddess inspired by poem: Butt Prints in the Sand

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Helene Grove

"Chlon's. The spring goddess, sitting in a field of flowers."

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Dianne Russell

"Goddess with crystal, triskele, spiral, knotwork, pentagram, & moon symbols" (Note: Dianne made each stamp herself using various buttons and clay stamps she manufactured.)

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J.Jeannine Chariton


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Kathy Gregson

Kathy's Kritters
Polyform Clay Creations
4104 Wadsworth Ct
Annandale, VA 22003

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Sara Jane Whyte

"Floating up from the void, She gives birth from the swirling caldron of Her womb to nothing less than the universe itself. Represented by symbols more ancient than the oldest of the gods, She is Mother of Us All. And like the moon that reflects her, She waxes and wanes in the endless cycle of birth and rebirth from youth to mother to wise woman. We know Her in many guises, from Nuit, goddess of the night, to statues old enough to have outlived their names - but always She is the one and the three - She is Goddess."

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Carolyn Sherman

"Themis - Greek Goddess of Justice"

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Kimberly Guevarra

"I tried several different things with this swap, most using two different stamp images. With the stamps, I made either a mini shrine box (out of a matchbox) or a pillow rattle (see picture above). After baking, I antiqued the piees with gold acrylic, then added the edgework before baking one more time. (For the tree goddess rattles, edgework looked funny, so I just painted the ends of these.) The last design are the little "power woman." These were rolled out, baked and then embellished with beads."

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Rachael L. "Bunny" Cuttill

The Wild Bunny specializing in Animal Jewelry, done in Polymer Clay. Commissions Welcome.

1349 W. Dundee Rd
Palatine, IL 60074

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Peggy Aspinwall

"Breast Goddess - as gods and goddess past were meant to ward off evil or invite good. This is my modern day blessing to good breast health."

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Shela "Seasons" Dinwiddie

"My goddesses are varied as I could not stick to just one design. I get bored too easily. I looked through one of my books, "The Witch's Goddess" for some inspiration. The design I made really isn't like the one that inspired it, but it was the start. Most of my goddesses have pregnant bellies and laarge breasts. About nine of them look like the ont to the side. (See picture above.) The spiral on the belly represents the spiral of life. A couple of them have marbles for bellies. *Ok so I love to collect little neat things like that* and some were made into pendants or beads. If you don't like the wire wrapped pendant beads, the beads could be removed and used in jewelry on their own. Anyway, I greatly enjoyed this swap beause I love the earth mother in all her aspects and love the chance to sculpt my versions of her into clay."

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Denise Baldwin

"Goddess of Wisdom"

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Dawn Shiller

"Hi Gang - Here is my 'Woman's Wisdom' Goddess....if you'd like to wear her as a pendant, she has a small hole in the top of her head; string her with a colorful wooden bead for a topknot! =-) Made of Premo."

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Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff

"My main Goddess is Kali-Ma (see Figure 1.), she is the Dancing Goddess of Change and Transformation. Yes, she is the other side of the Indian (India) Goddess Kali, the Goddess of War and Destruction. I made two secondary Goddesses, both kinda neolithic. Neolithic Goddesses, as far as we can tell, were concerned mainly with fertility and protection. Fertility is not my thing at this point in my life, but translated, fertility can also be seen as creativity and productivity. I like that."


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