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Origami Giftbox
by Sunni Bergeron

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paper (Christmas cards, gift bags, construction - your imagination is the limit!)
scotch tape
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Step 1. Cut out two squares, making sure one square is slightly smaller than the other. I normally begin with the larger square and work through all the steps, then pick up the smaller square and repeat the process.

Step 2. Pick up one of the squares, place the A Corner on top of the D Corner and fold it in half diagonally. Open it up and spread it back out flat. Place the B Corner on top of the C Corner and fold it in half diagonally again. Open it up again and spread it back out flat.  It now has an "X" folded into it (note the bold black lines).

Step 3. Take the upper left corner (the "A Corner") and bring the point down to the line on the B/C axis, making sure the A/D lines match up. Hold the point down firmly and crease the paper, creating two new points (1 and 2).
Step 4. Secure the A point with your thumb so it won't slip, pull points 1 and 2 down to the line on the B/C axis, hold firmly and crease the paper again.
Step 5. Open it up and spread it back out flat. Rotate it one quarter turn (either way, it doesn't matter). Now the corner you have just turned into the upper left becomes the "A Corner." Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 until all four corners have taken their turn at being the "A Corner" and have been folded. The square should now be laying flat again. At this point your square should look like the picture. (The gray lines represent all the folds you just put in!)

Step 6. Pick up the scissors and, looking at the picture, cut along the folds where you see the dotted lines. Tip: each dotted line is only two squares or blocks long.

Step 7. Lay the square back down so it looks like the picture. Make sure you have placed the cut sections (the dotted lines) on the bottom left and upper right corners.

Step 8. Fold BOTH the A and D Corners back down to the center line as shown in step 4. Then fold points 1 and 2 in and on top of one another on both sides.
Step 9. Bring points 1 and 2 upright on both sides and let the flaps go so they form the walls of the box.

Step 10. Bring BOTH the B and C Corners up and over the walls and tuck them into the bottom of the box.

Step 11. Take a small piece of scotch tape and secure the points in the center of the box so it'll stay neatly folded and hold its shape.


Step 12. Pick up the second square and repeat Step 2 through Step 11.

Step 13. Looking at the color picture at the top of the page, nest the smaller box into the larger box.

Step 14. Trim the boxes as desired with bric-a-brac or whatever. You can punch a hole in the top half of the box somewhere along the sides, slip a string of fancy yarn/thread through it and hang the box on a wreath, tree, in a window, from the car mirror, etc.


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