The Year of the Dragon Swap

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These are the dragons I made for the swap. I had a lot of fun working on this one. I experimented and learned quite a bit. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look.


dragon006a.jpg (14280 bytes)
Altoid tin covered with my Southwest Rainbow Skinner blend. I used snakes with varying widths to acheive a more free-form look. The dragon is a celtic knot used with the permission of the artist, Cari Buziak. I traced the dragon, colored it in with pastel pencils and then burnished that onto white clay. Then covered it with a very thin layer of translucent. I lightly sanded and then buffed the dragon only leaving the filigree matte.

dragon007a.jpg (7782 bytes) dragon007c.jpg (7810 bytes) dragon007e.jpg (12077 bytes)
This is a wall plaque done with Premo white and blue pearls rolled into a jellyroll and sliced for the background. Bits of the jellyroll were used to make the embellishment and the hanger. The picture was gleaned off the internet, printed out and then protected with a layer of Transparent Liquid Sculpey.

dragon008a.jpg (11269 bytes) dragon008c.jpg (7045 bytes)
This is a wall plaque made with Premo Copper pearl. The border is not a darker clay, but simply the mica shift in the copper clay. The dragon was gleaned from the internet, printed out and then punched with two different sized needles. The surface was embellished with Fimo Gold Pulver and sealed with Future.

dragon009a1.jpg (7880 bytes)
This is a small necklace medallion made with my first attempt at a picture cane. It came out just superb!! The pictures do it no justice! The cane is another celtic dragon picture compliments of artist Cari Buziak. While this particular cane reminds me of Ouroborous, I don't think it is. Cari did say this particular dragon could be found in a book called, The Book of Kells.

dragon009r1.jpg (6320 bytes)
Believe it or not, this is the end of the cane!! I added some Artistic Wire to hang it with and some fun curly wire to dangle.

dragon001a.jpg (7468 bytes)
This little darling is made with recycled electrical wire gleaned from the contractors who wired our house up for us. The background is translucent with iridescent tissue paper that didn't keep its sparkle after baking. The dragon is Premo white pearl with copper leaf mixed in.

dragon002a.jpg (6269 bytes)
This is a pendant made with a glass "stone." I put some gold leaf on a scrap of white clay cut to fit the bottom of the stone and ran it through the pasta machine to crackle it. Then I thinned some black clay until it was a thick paint and painted the dragon on top of the gold. I baked it for 5 minutes to set it. I placed the stone on top of the dragon and secured it with black clay embellishing the hangar with scraps of copper leaf.

dragon003a.jpg (6742 bytes)
This little fellow is made completely with glow-in-the-dark clay. I pulled some leg and down feathers out of my baggie and used them for the hair and wings. This one was just too much fun to make and very difficult to part with!

dragon004a.jpg (9134 bytes)
This handsome fellow is also made with recycled electrical wire. The background is white Premo covered with a single layer of micro-glitter to make it iridescent. The dragon was sculpted separately and then secured to the pendant with Transparent Liquid Sculpey.


Now let's go see the dragons the OTHER swap members made!! Fun, Fun, FUN!!

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