Fun collars I've made for my cheewawas (Chihuahuas)
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My cheewawa, Prusilla Pipsqueak (Pru for short) liked to have her clothes on (collar) but wasn't too enthused with the store bought collar cuz it was a bit bulky. I wanted something that would be pretty and light and unobtrusive when I'm massaging her neck. I got tired of taking her stretchy, belled cat collar off every time I wanted to scrub on her. Plus, the cat collar was damaging the hair around the little darling's neck. Ditto with the other three cheewawas, Lhamo Longlegs, Anniebear Wiggoworm and Chiquita Juanita. Pru was most pleased and strutted around like the little beauty queen. In the first photo, here she is showing off her new clothes!!! *grin* She was quite the ham. Pru was a short-haired cobby cheewawa.

Pru posing whole necklace close up

This is Lhamo. Quite the handsome little man, he was a long-haired deer cheewawa. This mean little kid hates to have his clothes on, so we had to make the necklace small enough to keep it away from his mouth while not making it too tight. Given time, he figured out how to get the fool thing off. He was just a nudist at heart.

Lhamo posing The whole necklace

Meet Bianca - a long-haired cobby, this is Anniebear Wiggoworm's aunt. Bianca was a tiny little thing, offish as they come and doesn't like anyone but her owner (typical longhair!). But, she was still cute as a button and we scrubbed on her every time we went to the vet's (she was the mascot there). Her owner fell in love with Quita's necklace and wanted one for Bianca. So I cobbled up a quick bone cane and made beads to match Bianca's hair (yeah, I know it's s'posed to be called fur). Here are the results.

Bianca posing Bianca posing the whole necklace


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