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The Shed

I carry my digital camera with me everywhere and stop on a moment's notice to take pictures. This slatted shed was in one of the local wildlife preserves. It was such a neat picture I decided to use it as my first venture into clay painting. While the clay painting isn't real good, I'm still quite proud of it. It came out nicely for a first effort, if a little lacking in 3D dimension. All of this is done with conditioned Premo without leaching so it would be soft enough for me to use. The only tools I needed were a nutpick, needle tool and my fingers.

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Sweet Memories

I can't, for the life of me, remember where I saw this beauty. She was a part of another painting somewhere on the web. She is not mine to give you, so please do not glean her from my website. Hopefully, the artist will find my webpage and let me know who s/he is so I can give proper credit and linking.

Meanwhile, she was so beautiful I just had to have her and attempt to render something like her in a cameo clay painting. She was put together, with hints and directions I followed from Kat Dewey's workbook, with leached Premo. All the shading is accomplished with just regular clay smeared thinly with a nutpick!

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PeeDee Shack

I went surfing over to Martywoo's website (now defunct), My Heart, My Art, and fell in love with her water color paintings. I was quite taken with her painting, PeeDee Shack. I asked her if I could use her painting for my next clay painting. She generously agreed. So please do not glean the picture on the left from this website, it is not mine to give. If you wish to use it, please contact Martywoo from her website.

The entire painting is done with unleached Premo and applied in layers to give it a 3D appearance. The roof is sheets of tan, but the coloring was tiny bits of color diluted to a very thin paste about the consistency of olive oil. I then used my finger to paint the colors onto the roof in an attempt to get the same painterly effect Martywoo got in her water color.

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femalenude1.jpg (24060 bytes)


Sorry for the size of the original picture, but any reduction degrades it so badly it wouldn't be recognizable. Thank goodness it's still only 24Kb! This was a stain glass pattern I gleaned from the internet.

She was so lovely and enchanting, I just had to give her a go!! I embellished her skin with some glittery makeup I'd poured into a small vial of Future floorwax. I won't make that mistake again. *sigh* It was a good idea, but the "paint" came out streaked. Oh well.... I'm still pleased with her though.

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11-kenlight-zonezerodotcom.jpg (26119 bytes)


I found this picture on one of the professional photography sites. I was taken by the beauty of the two individuals as well as the sentiment captured so eloquently. So here's my interpretation in clay. The tear is 3 layers of Future floorwax. What's neat about my interpretation is, if you haven't seen the original picture, either of the individuals could be male or female, young or old, depending on the viewer!!

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