The African Critters Swap


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Red-Banded Rubber Frog Phrynomerus Bifasciatus Family Microhylidae Nocturnal, early breeder, calls from banks or on floating vegetation. Call is a beautiful melodious trill, lasting for several seconds. Eggs laid in large mass on water surface; tadpoles have a unique shape. Skin is toxic, during dry season takes refuge in tree hollows and burrows. Size to 3 inches.


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African Grey Parrot
Rachel Cuttill
The Wild Bunny
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African Elephant
Michele Gault
Living Clay Productions
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The Mandrill
Irene Coyer
"From Western Africa.
Walking through the trees one day
A. mandrill. he. did. pass.
And as he walked away I laughed,
Uhmm other end.
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Pat Edmonds
"I decided to go against the normal animals one thinks of when thinking of African animals and went with a group of different critters, some which are probably familiar, some not. Hope you like them! (the teacher in me made me do this! Lol)"
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Tara Brayshaw
"I ejoyed hosting this swap, thanks for participating!!"
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Whimsical Elephant
Peggy Aspinwall
"Another Creation From The Heart, Hands & Mind of Dragonborn"
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A Day at the Museum, A Glance at Modern Art
Helene Grove
"In all honesty, it was not so successful caned elephant that led me onto thispath, but I kind of enjoyed the process of having to come up with something new, to cover for my mess. I truly hope you'll like it, despite it's way into this world. Hugs."

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