Free Backgrounds

Below are thumbnails of photographs I have taken with my digital camera and manipulated in PaintShop Pro. To see what the graphic will look like as a background, click on it and another page will pop up to display it for you. Simply close that page to return here. To save the tiled graphics, right click on the thumbnail and select Save Picture As... and place it somewhere on your hard drive. To glean the large pictures, you do not right click on the thumbnail. you will need to right click on the picture shown in the page it pops up in.

Tiled Graphics

350x255 - 46Kb

ROCKWALL 1 -- 32Kb

233x300 - 56.6Kb

300x300 - 62.8Kb

200x200 - 47.7Kb

400x400 - 90.5Kb


Tiled Graphics

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Full-size Graphics

Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3


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