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The Creative Clubhouse
18573 Main St, Conway, Washington 98238
(360) 929-0713 (Call here to reserve your seat!)

Five hour class. Fee: $45.00 per person Level: Beginnerclass size: Six
This is an extended class so bring a lunch or be ready to pop out for something to eat.


April 24 2016
Class - 10.00am-1.00pm
Class - 1.30pm-5.00pm


This weave was named the Viking knit because the oldest discovery of this design was found in the tombs of ancient Viking nobility. This is a simple loop around loop form of naalbinding with wire that precedes traditional knitting by several centuries and requires a minimum of tools to accomplish. That makes this project something you can carry along with you and work on when you want to keep your hands busy. It is also a delightful ice breaker as people will approach and ask questions when they see you pulling and tugging on the wire.

You will be learning how to make the weave using a mandrel. You will create your daisy template and then you will make a chain. You will learn how to splice new wire into the weave and finish it off. After you finish weaving you will learn how to reduce the chain by hand and with a draw plate. To complete the project you will then create a pair of earrings or a bracelet. When you leave you will keep the items I brought for you and proudly wear your new accessories!

You need to bring:

I will bring:

* You'll take these home with you.




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