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The Creative Clubhouse

18573 Main St, Conway, Washington 98238
(360) 929-0713 (Call here to reserve your seat!)

Eight hour class. Fee: $65.00 per person Level: Beginnerclass size: Four
This is an extended class so bring a lunch or be ready to pop out for something to eat.


May 1 2016

Class - 9.00am-1.00pm
Class - 1.30pm-5.30pm


I love having a nightlight or small lamp to help guide my steps in the dark as I wander throughout the house. Even more, I love having wee lamps I've made myself. A big thank you goes out to Jan Moulder for teaching me how to make handmade paper lamps about a decade ago.

Now you can learn how to make a small lamp yourself. You will learn how to turn junk mail envelopes into pulp, how to tell how the pulp is ready, how to judge if you have enough pulp in the vat and how to pull and couch (pronounced kootch) the pulp then press it so it becomes paper. Also how to add inclusions to your pulp. Next you will attach the twigs to the base, then learn how to lay the paper onto the twigs to enclose the tiny light. Once the lamp is built, you will then embellish the lamp, if you so desire.

What is most delightful about these lamps is the light bulb. I use a candelabra light bulb and the heat given off is so low it has no impact on the paper at all - even when left on around the clock.

You need to bring:

I will bring:



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