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Farmer's Market
Klamath Falls, Oregon - September 21, 2002

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The Farmer's Market in the parking lot on 9th Street between Klamath Avenue and Main Street in downtown Klamath Falls is a juried affair. Everything is grown or made by hand. There are a couple food booths, some wood workers, a soap maker, several produce booths and other farm related booths. I was able to get in because my eggs are farm related, the Wildwood Hairstix are wildcrafted and, next year, I will be adding handmade paper made from local weeds. Ruthann Ford of HNS Jewelry and I teamed up again and it looks like we're going to co-op for the long haul. Our wares compliment each other nicely; I know about her work, she knows about mine so we can tout each other's merchandise. The Farmer's Market sells for only three hours, one day a week from early summer through mid-October.

Ruthie and I got there early and started to set up at 8:am so we were all finished by the time most folks started rolling in. It was windy so we opted to go sans canopy this time. We still haven't improved the "feet" or weights. We figured we could handle the sun for a mere three hours (not factoring in the two hours before opening we were there). We applied the lessons learned the week before and pinned the cloth skirts to the table legs. We arranged the merchandise with an eye to a stout wind. I have mirrors amongst the effects for making the table more attractive. We laid these down this week. Not a good idea. While the deep blue sky looked wonderful as a backdrop to many of the items, it also was an excellent reflector of the sun when it moved overhead. It's a bit alarming when the customer bends over to examine an item and recoils from being blinded. We removed the mirrors.

Looking at the pictures, I think we're too cluttered. It's a very busy display. Next week we will add another table and a set of wooden shelves. I have the funny feeling we're going to get rain. With not enough cash yet to get a good canopy, I'm loathe to purchase big buckets, more concrete and more pipe. Whatever shall I do? *sigh* I wonder if my glass picnic table and it's umbrella will keep the merchandise dry. I doubt it.

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5: Farmer's Market, Klamath Falls, Oregon - September 21, 2002
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8: Senior Center Bazaar, Klamath Falls, Oregon - November 16, 2002
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11: Farmer's Market, Klamath Falls, Oregon - September 21, 2003
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13: Farmer's Market, Klamath Falls, Oregon - July/August 2004
14: Farmer's Market, Klamath Falls, Oregon - September 2004
15: Artist's Invasion, Lavender Wind Farm, Coupeville, Washington - July 30-31


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