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I'm currently teaching out of:

The Creative Clubhouse
18573 Main St, Conway, Washington 98238
(360) 445-3400 (Call here to reserve your seat!)

Click the calendar link above for the dates and times of the classes being offered! I hope to see you there.


If you would like to get in touch with me, please email me:


lilsheps AT
sunnibergeron DOT




My Personal Site

Thank you for your stopping by! Please enjoy these free tutorials. You may print them, use them as your own teaching aid and/or share them as you please. You may not sell them.


1) Coathanger Christmas Tree
2) Coathanger Wreath
3) Origami Giftbox
4) Tiny Hinges

5) How to blow an egg
6) How To Modify Your Jewelry Pliers


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