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Mandatory Tools. Items in the parentheses are suggestions for what you muxt have:

  1. Polymer clay (Kato, Premo!, Sculpey III, Studio by Sculpey, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Ultra Light, Fimo, Fimo Soft, Fimo Puppen, ProSculpt, Cernit and many more.)
  2. Something to roll it flat (Jar, brayer, plastic rod, pasta machine, dowel)
  3. Cutters (Knife, scissors, razor blade, tissue blade)
  4. Something to sculpt with (Toothpick, ball stylus, crochet needle, nail, various sewing needles, pencil eraser, just rummage around the house...)
  5. Oven thermometer (This is tremendously important! Digital or old-school. I use a cheapie.)
  6. Oven (Electric, gas, convection, solar, wood, toaster oven, etc.)

Basic Tools:

  1. Mineral oil or whatever oil you have in your kitchen (Used for cleaning hands and work surface, smoothing sculpts and softening clays when clay softener isn't available.)
  2. Rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol)
  3. Rags
  4. Work surface (Glass pane, ceramic tile, wax or pastry paper, marble tile)
  5. Good lighting (Ott lite, desk lamp, bright overhead lighting)

Nice-to-have Tools:

  1. Pasta machine
  2. Extruder
  3. Clay softener
  4. Liquid Clay (Kato Liquid Medium, Sculpey Transparent Liquid Clay, Fimo Decorating Gel)
  5. Textures
  6. Alcohol inks
  7. Oil and/or acrylic paints
  8. Powders (Mica, micro-glitter, make-up)
  9. Pounce (small bag with baby or talcum powder in it)


  1. Anything that stirs your imagination regardless of original use.



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