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I have dabbled in artwork of one kind or another from earliest memories. The number of things I've tried and learned would equal that of Santa's naughty and nice lists. I've enjoyed most of them and go back now and then to something I haven't done in years, but my heart has found a home with polymer clay, papermaking from plants and wire jewelry.

I got into polymer clay in 1989 when I was in a small bead and art supply store in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I just couldn't find the right color beads and the nearest big bead store was a six hour drive away. On the shelf was a selection of oven bake clays in a variety of colors. Curious and my mind spinning with possibilities, I grabbed a few packs, a couple beginner books and jumped right in. It is now 2016 and my mind still reels with the possibilities this medium offers. I love the feel, the diversity, and the complexity of working with polymer clays. I love the challenge of making museum grade artwork. Because of the capabilities of the clay, I began a photographic record of all the plants in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area with the goal of someday making polymer replicas of them. I still haven't made any of the flowers. *crooked smile*

In 1998 I stumbled across papermaking. I wanted to learn how to make my own books, to bind the paper and enclose them in handmade covers. In the process of discovery, I found books made with paper from plants. Intrigued, I joined the papermaking yahoo group and fell deeply in love with the entire process of making paper from pulling the plants out of the ground to pulling sheets out of the vat. My artwork involves sculpting lamps or building wall decorations with the paper I create. I have since moved from Oregon to Whidbey Island in Washington state I am now in the process of compiling another photographic record of the plants on Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands. Combined with the Klamath Falls record, it is a constantly growing database for identifying plants that are potential paper fibers, and for identifying natives, invasives, weeds, naturalized and endangered species.

In 2002 I started selling at the farmer's market in Klamath Falls, Oregon and paired up with a wire jewelry artisan. She taught me a lot (yeah, you, Roodie), gave me a lot and set me on the path to making unique jewelry. I love the challenge of taking a simple piece of wire and, with no soldering, bend and twist and shape it into something elegant.

One of my most favorite things to do is to share. As a result I love to teach. I share my knowledge of papermaking, working with polymer clay and creating beauty with wire whenever I can.

If you wish to know anything further about me, please visit my personal site.

Thank you for your stopping by! Please enjoy these free tutorials. You may print them, use them as your own teaching aid and/or share them as you please. You may not sell them.


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